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Which bra with which shirt?

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A beautiful, comfortable seamless bra
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Know which bra with which shirt because the wrong bra can ruin your outfit

You may be wearing the most spectacular looking silky blouse but if you have the wrong bra underneath it is going to ruin the effect. The same bra does not work for all outfits so it really is important to know how to choose which bra with which shirt.

For instance, if you wear form fitting tees it is imperative you have a seamless, supportive, comfortable, smooth cup undergarment. This is what is considered the every day t-shirt bra.

A top made of clingy fabric requires a seamless foundation garment. Wearing a full-coverage undergarment is your best best because a demi-cup may create a dividing line, showing through your top, because it hits in the middle of the breast.

Under silky shirts, a seamless, smooth brassiere with molded cups is a good choice. If you like a bit of lace peeking out of the top of your lacy blouse pick a foundation garment featuring lace.

In the warm weather months, when wearing racer-back dresses or tank tops, wear a racer-back brassiere. Under a thin silk dress or blouse, consider donning a bandeau.

If you want your underpinnings to be noticeable, wear a black bra under a dressy white shirt. If thatís not your style, wear nude color so it wonít be seen.

When wearing a halter top, opt for a brassiere featuring convertible straps so you can alter the straps, hiding the straps rather than exposing them.

Pick a spaghetti strap when wearing dresses or tops featuring the same. The undergarment straps may not be completely hidden but since they are the same approximate width of the straps on the top or dress it looks fine.

Under filmy tops, some prefer to wear both a bra and a cami. If you are not modest, forget the cami.

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