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Who can wear a knit dress?

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Knit Dress
Wear a cotton knit dress with leggings
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Who can wear a knit dress? Anyone, when added to the right wardrobe pieces!

When it comes to fashion-forward knit dresses, not everybody can look as good as leggy models strutting the runway or the streets of New York. However, models aren't the only women who can wear a knit dress. Rather, just about most women can also add this stylish item to their wardrobe and look fabulous. The key is to wear a knit dress with the right clothing items and accessories.


A knit dress is a versatile clothing item to own and wear. During the warmer summer months and days, it can be paired with boots and a belt. A belt can help define a slim waist on a curvy woman while simultaneously adding shape to a slim, athletic or boyish body type. Boots add a sexy appeal to your outfit and draw the eye to an attractive pair of legs.

As the weather gets cooler, women can still keep a knit dress in their wardrobe rotation by pairing it with a warm blazer and tights. A structured blazer flatters most body types and can cover up bare or undefined arms. Tights, or leggings, add a cute, youthful look to a knit dress that is appropriate for most body types including short, tall, curvy or thin.


A knit dress is not age-discriminatory. There is such a wide selection of knit dresses available today that most women can find one that suits their personal style, shape and age. Contrary to common belief, this type of dress is not just suited for the young or carefree. Rather, an older woman can select a knit dress that hits below the knees, has sleeves and is a solid neutral color to appropriately convey her age.

This type of dress is also appropriate for a more professional or corporate look versus a knit dress that is shorter or low-cut in the chest for an evening out.

Traveling Women

Women who travel for work or fun often have difficulty finding the right outfit to wear. Whether you are traveling via plane or car, you will want to be wearing something comfortable for the trip. Tight pants, shirts, blouses or pencil skirts may look nice but can often be too restricting or stiff for many people.

A knit dress is a comfortable clothing option that is casual enough for relaxation but simultaneously not sloppy as with other casual wear such as loose-fitting sweatpants. You can look cute and tailored while still achieving a simple style by donning a knit dress with a cardigan and skinny belt to define your shape.


If you like accessories, then knit dresses are a great clothing option for you. A knit dress can be mixed and matched with a variety of accessories besides belts such as jewellery, hats, scarves, denim and boots. A denim jacket can add a rocker edge to an otherwise girly or plain dress that is appropriate for a friendly get-together for drinks or a concert.

Pairing a knit dress with hoop earrings and chunky bracelets can also emphasize a more dramatic look to match a fun and loud personality. If you tend to be more carefree, quiet or introspective, consider tying a simple scarf around your neck or perhaps a head scarf for a more bohemian style.

The most important thing to remember is that fashion sense is highly individual and personal. People should aim to find clothes that are comfortable, cost-effective, versatile and flattering. Find a knit dress that suits your body shape and age and consider when and where you will be wearing it for the best overall look.

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