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Why all shoes aren't equal

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Shoes that tower above the rest
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Your feet and your wallet really do understand why all shoes aren't equal

While all men are undeniably created equal, no one will deny the same can't be said when talking about clothing, home decor -- even pairs of shoes. Whether talking about the different kinds of shoes that fill different roles in our everyday lives, to the cost of those shoes, you are rarely going to find two different pair that are exactly the same.

Whether it's a matter of quality materials, price or comfort, both your wallet and your feet understand the difference in shoe brands and styles.

An Eye Towards Quality

While you might pay a bit more for shoes that are artisan crafted you will also be paying for shoes that are constructed using better materials. They have been designed and made with very careful attention to both details and fit.

More than likely, the shoes you pick up at discount stores are rolling off a factory conveyor belt and almost immediately being packed away and shipped around the world. The high volume and speed of production means the shoes' manufacturers can charge less.

The down side of this is that the shoes can be put together somewhat shoddily and with materials that are not top notch.

Many people buy shoes of varying qualities - understanding that the investment in quality footwear will pay off with longer lasting, better wearing shoes, and that cheap shoes may be fine for "fun" or wearing just a few times.

Different Styles Offer Different Feel

The first variety of shoes that are quite different across a rather large spectrum are sneakers. Some people might think that running shoes are all fairly similar, because the purpose behind them are all the same. People want to be able to wear a shoe that will be plenty comfortable for them and that also gets them where they want to be when they are running.

There was a time when sneakers actually were all very similar, but we've entered an age where experts have found ways to court buyers depending on what they are looking for in their running shoe. Some people love the idea of a running shoe that has a gel pad built in that works to give people as much cushioning as humanly possible.

Other people have fallen in love with shoes that have hit the market in just the last few years that are made to actually mimic the shape of a human foot. The concept behind this is that the shoes are more comfortable when working out because the user's toes aren't getting bunched up inside the shoe.

Shoe Price and Quality

While dress shoes and boots and sneakers are among a whole host of types of shoes that are very different, there are things that separate shoes as a whole more often than not. Have you ever wandered into a high end shoe store and wondered why a pair of high heels there can be a couple of hundred dollars more than if you get something that looks similar at a low price strip mall store?

The reason chain stores are able to offer cheaper pairs of shoes is that they simply are not of the same quality. That doesn't mean the shoes won't get the job done if you aren't on the hunt for super fancy shoes. What it does mean, is you run the risk of suffering some very real side effects that go beyond simply having someone call you out for not wearing well known shoe brands.

Quality Means Longevity

So why should you honestly care whether your shoes are top notch leather, or a lower quality pleather if they look alike?

The answer is quite simply that the higher quality shoes will last longer. Because a greater effort and better products have been used in the shoe you can be rest assured that they will not fall apart as quickly as lower quality shoes will.

This can even mean that you might spend more money in the short run, but will save money in the long run because you aren't having to replace them as often. This added bonus means you will get the approval of your peers for wearing high quality kicks, while getting the approval of your financial people for being smart about your purchases.

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