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Women’s winter clothing styles

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These basics are essential for women's winter wardrobes
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Stay cozy with must-have winter clothing choices

In some parts of the country, the snow has begun to fall, and that means it's time to pay attention to pay attention to womens winter clothing looks.  What are the basics you have to have in your winter wardrobe?  Here's a checklist for this chilly season's must haves:

Warm and elegant wool and leather coats

Whether you need it for work or just for the occasional luncheon or evening out, an elegant wool winter coat is a timeless classic no woman's wardrobe should be without.  Leather coats are equally timeless, whether you choose a long shearling or short fringed jacket. Choose a coat that's long enough to flatter your figure and look appropriate with a skirt.  Shorter wool jackets are a great extra to add a more casual elegance with trousers or even jeans, but make sure you have at least one longer winter coat to wear with a skirt or suit. If you are attending or even having a winter wedding, there are great styles of winter wedding dresses available in a variety of styles that are both warm and elegant.

Cozy down parkas

For all those times when warmth counts for more than fashion, a warm down or Thinsulate® jacket is something no winter wardrobe should be without.  Choose a jacket that offer enough length to cover your vulnerable lower back for maximum warmth.  Sleeves that include a second cuff inside will keep cold winds out, dramatically increasing heat retention.

Capes, shawls and scarves

When you're just running down to the mailbox, need an extra layer of warmth with your coat or just prefer the looser feel of a cape with a dress or suit, be sure to stock up on colorful capes, shawls and scarves.  Capes are available in a variety of lengths, from wrist length to ankle length in woven wool, velvet, heavy lined wool felts and even silk blends.  Scarves and shawls are abundant this season, and are appearing in every color of the rainbow.  Stock your closet with a selection to match every mood.

Lined wool trousers

When the winter wind is at its fiercest, you can head out to a luncheon or business meeting in warmth and style in a classic pair of silk-lined woolen trousers.  A fashion staple for years, a classic pleated cut in charcoal grey or pure black will carry you through many winters to come.  Having two or three pairs of these pants to pair with blazers and sweaters are a must for your winter wardrobe.

Cashmere or angora sweaters

One of the joys of womens winter clothing is the soft feel of slipping into that favorite cashmere or angora sweater.  While cotton, wool or synthetic sweaters might keep you warm enough, they cannot match the classic look of a fine cashmere or angora.  Make sure your wardrobe contains at least a dozen of these mainstays, whether you choose pullovers, twin sets or cardigans.

Hoodies and sweats

When it's time to run out to the grocery store or cozy up with a good book or a puzzle after dinner, nothing feels quite so cozy as heavy weight hoodies.  Choose zipper front for easier off and on, or pull on's with a pouch front for maximum warmth.  Sweat pants have come a long way from the elastic ankle ballooning looks of years ago.  Today's soft fleece sweats are more fashionably cut, with warm softness against the skin.

Silk long underwear

One of the challenges to staying warm in winter is adding layers without adding bulk.  Silk long underwear meets both of those challenges.  A pair of pure silk winter underwear will stave off chills from wrist to ankle without making your clothes feel too tight or look awkward.  And unlike wool underwear, there's no itching and no uncomfortable sweating.  Silk wicks away moisture and lets your skin breath.

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