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Women's skirt suits

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A solid color gives the appearance of being slimmer
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One size does not fit all when it comes to women's skirt suits.

Whether you're a high-level executive or a sharp-dressed socialite, women's skirt suits are a must-have in your closet. They are both classy and professional, perfect for high-power meetings or dinner parties with friends. And they come in all shapes, sizes and fabrics.


One size does not fit all when it comes to women's skirt suits. Appropriate styles are available depending on the occasion. If you're wearing a skirt suit to the office, select solid, neutral colors in a lightweight cotton or wool blend.

If you're hitting the town, choose a skirt suit that has a little more attitude, made from silk or leather. Or, simply accessorize your professional skirt suit to make it sing at night.

Casual women's skirt suits are also available in denim; these suits are ideal for weekend wear.


Buying the right suit for your figure is the key to looking great. Keep in mind these details when you're shopping:

: Wearing a solid color, like black, gives the appearance of being slimmer and leaner. Select a pattern to emphasize certain features.

Waistline: This is probably the most important detail to take into consideration when purchasing women's skirt suits. Play up your curves with a cinched waistline and a shorter jacket. Or, take the emphasis off curves with a longer jacket. It all depends on your body shape and which parts you want to draw attention to.

Jacket length: Tall and lean? Choose a cropped jacket. Short and round? A longer jacket will hide your belly and make you look taller.


Polyester: A man-made fabric, polyester is durable and easy to clean. Many women's skirts suits are made from a polyester blend, which gives them varying characteristics. One such blend is peach skin polyester. This type of polyester gets its name from the appearance, which is akin to peach fuzz. It's common in high-end boutiques given its expensive, clean appearance.

Brocade: This type of fabric has long been associated with the socially elite. Its history dates back to the early crusaders, who were thought to have introduced it to Europe. Brocade needs no further embellishments given its rich texture and pattern. The brocade fabric is a bit stiffer than polyester blends, but the designs are charming and well-suited to classy events.

Denim: Made from cotton, denim is probably one of the most widespread fabrics today. Commonly associated with jeans, denim is also used in women's skirt suits - specifically white denim outfitted with rhinestones, beads or other embellishments.

Linen: Lightweight and soft, linen suits are ideal for warmer months. Linen is versatile so it can be dressed up or worn on more casual occasions. It comes in all colors and can easily be accessorized. One caveat: Linen does wrinkle easily!

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