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Choose these grill accessories for easier cooking and safer outdoor grilling

Grilling is one of the most delicious and satisfying ways to cook a meal. Working with an open flame outside is also one of the most challenging. Not to worry, there are plenty of tools to help.

The best grill accessories make cooking easier so you can enjoy good company, fresh air and great food. Whether youíre new to the world of backyard barbecuing or have years of flipping homemade patties under your belt, these grilling tools and accessories will keep you organized and ensure meats and veggies coming off the fire are tender, juicy and full of flavor.


Where would a grill master be without trusty utensils? Not just any set will do either. First off, you need super long handles to flip and tend to food without getting too close to the heat. 

A basic set should include a spatula, tongs, long fork, cleaning brush, skewers and basting brush. The spatula is essential for flipping burgers and cutlets so they cook evenly on both sides. The tongs allow you to rearrange hot items and remove them quickly when done.

The long two-pronged fork helps you to spear meat to check if it is cooked or still raw on the inside. For beginners, this skill takes practice. Youíll probably overcook a few meals, but better safe than sorry. 

Skewers donít always come with utensil sets. Choose between reusable metal ones with handles or bamboo sticks (soaked in water first). These are perfect for smaller things to barbecue like veggies, sirloin tips and fruits thatíll melt in your mouth Ė you must try pineapple, peaches and watermelon kebabs.

BBQ gloves or mitts

Some grill accessories make cooking easier simply by protecting the chef. Long BBQ gloves allow you to baste ribs and rotate kebabs without burning yourself. These are typically made of an extremely durable material like leather so they hold up to the wear and tear of regular outdoor meals.

Things that need tending or removing from the grill are bound to get hot. It makes sense to have a pair of gloves or mitts around for yourself and anyone else who steps up to the fire.

Cooking basket

Mushrooms and fish are favorite grilling items for many people, which is why the wire baskets are so useful. They make it easy to rotate delicate items without causing them to fall apart. 

Smoker boxes

Wood chip smoker boxes make it simple to try out different wood chip flavors when you smoke meat. These are particularly useful if youíre working with a gas grill and finding it hard to get that smoky flavor into your food. 

Mesquite, Alder and Hickory are three of the most popular smoke flavors. When purchased in pre-filled boxes you simply set the flavor of choice on the cooking grate or on the charcoals if you have them. 


Why worry whether meat is dangerously undercooked? A good thermometer will help you serve succulent steaks and juicy chicken and pork without the anxiety. Thermometers vary widely in price and technology. When in doubt, spend a few extra bucks to guarantee accuracy every time.

Grates and toppers

Grill accessories make cooking easier by removing the challenges. Cast iron grates and toppers are made to fit snug over the flame. Since iron holds heat longer than other materials, food cooks evenly. They also produce ever-appetizing grilly marks.

The beauty of outdoor cooking is in the simplicity and resourcefulness, so the last thing anyone wants to do is over complicate things. These items remove safety concerns and allow you and your guests to have a good time. With the right tools and accessories, every backyard barbeque is bound to be a memorable blast.  

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