How to make chocolate chip cookies soft

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A cookie scooper makes all the difference when baking
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Learn how to make chocolate chip cookies soft with an easy and delicious recipe

Just about everyone agrees that the softer a cookie is, the better it tastes. Additionally, the feathery texture also makes the experience monumentally more enjoyable. After all, how much fun is it to crunch on a brick-hard treat that threatens to break your teeth?

Unfortunately, many cooks have difficulties achieving this seemingly elusive result and end up with rocks instead of tasty snacks. When you know how to make chocolate chip cookies soft, however, you'll never want to eat those store-bought treats again.

What Makes Them Soft

It seems as though everyone has an opinion on what makes the snacks the right density. Some argue it is the shape of the dough when placed on the sheet, while others think it is the type of fat you use and how you introduce it to the rest of the ingredients.

For instance, if you simply scoop the dough with a spoon and lay it on the sheet, you'll likely end up with thin, crispy, saucer-like treats. However, if you use a cookie scoop, your dough is placed in a mound-like shape, which helps the dough retain it's moisture throughout the cooking process, resulting in velvety morsels.

Additionally, many bakers believe in melting the butter and whisking it into the sugar, instead of adding room-temperature butter to sugar and creaming them together. This slight variation makes all the difference, some believe.

Another theory is that brown sugar contains much more moisture than white sugar does, because of the molasses. Therefore, using only brown sugar will not only make delectable goodies feathery, but chewy, as well. Instead of using a combination of the sugars or only white, you can try using just brown.
And you can't forget the baking soda. This ingredient is absolutely necessary if you want snacks that are any less rigid than a piece of dried clay. Without baking soda, your dough will become hard and probably not too edible. Baking powder also helps your dough become puffy, which gives the treat some needed shape.

Quality of Ingredients

If you've ever watched a cooking or baking show, you've likely heard the host talk about the quality of ingredients you use and how important it is. They are right, as the higher the quality of the eggs, sugar and other ingredients you use to make the dough, completely affect the way it tastes. Unfortunately, higher quality also means higher prices, but the investment really pays off, so purchase the most expensive products you can afford.

Additionally, the quality of ingredients dilemma is another reason why you should skip the store-baked stuff. When you make the snacks yourself, you know what is going into them, but when they are pre-made, you really don't. Save yourself the worry of what you are ingesting and just make them yourself.


As stated before, you may want to play around with the technique of the butter, as well as the brown to white sugar ratio, but here is a recipe that typically produces pillowy treats that are delicious and texturally amazing.

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit and sift together four cups of all-purpose flour and 2 tsp. of baking soda. Then cream together 2 lbs. of butter, cup of sugar and 1 cups of brown sugar in your mixer. Beat in two 3.4-oz. packets of vanilla instant pudding mix. However, feel free to use whatever flavor you desire.

Stir in four eggs and 2 tsp. of vanilla extract, then beat in the flour and baking soda combination. Lastly, stir in four cups of semi-sweet chocolate chips. Since the chocolate is the star of the show, you want to use the highest quality possible. You can also stir in two cups of walnuts, if desired.

Use the scoop to dish out the dough onto your baking sheet, then stick it into the oven for 10 to 12 minutes. You should end up with mouth-watering treats that taste far better than anything you can buy.

Knowing how to make chocolate chip cookies soft allows you to impress yourself, and others, with your amazing baking.

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