How to make good coffee

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A good cup of coffee can warm your heart
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Learn how to make good coffee and wake up your body and taste buds

Itís a savior to many: the cup of coffee. Itís warmth and aroma can beat even the most tired and drowsy feelings. Many folks often canít start their day without it.

Since a good cup of coffee is so essential and depended upon by many, it makes sense to brew the best coffee you can, right? In fact, unless you know how to make good coffee, you shouldnít even try. Fortunately, learning how to make good coffee is quite easy, as long as you have the proper tools.

The Ingredients

In order to get the best cup of coffee possible, you have to start with the best ingredients.

High-quality coffee is available in many different strengths and flavors, which affects the flavor of the brew. From breakfast blend to dark roast, just about any taste you want is offered in the many different coffees out there. Even coffees from around the world are available for purchase.

Bottom line is, purchase the best coffee you can afford and youíre sure to be satisfied. The difference in price often pertains to the quality of the bean and where it came from. Beans that are more difficult to obtain while obviously cost more than beans that are readily available. Additionally, it may also mean that they taste better than a bean you can get anywhere, which means they will likely cost more.

Coffee machines

The machine in which you make your coffee also plays a role in how the drink tastes. Whether you want a traditional brew-style coffee maker, or a French press, youíll want to go with the best you can afford.

Using the wrong machine can leave a bad taste in your mouth Ė literally. Therefore, purchase a machine that has the features you are looking for -- such as a timer, perhaps Ė and one that is well-known. Going with a reputable brand can enhance the final outcome of the coffee and leave you with one that tastes oh-so-delicious.

Although a drip coffee maker is certainly convenient, coffee purists typically think that using a French press is the way to go. This machine often leaves the coffee tasting lighter and fresher.

The drawbacks to using a French press; however, is that you have to boil the water first before pouring it into the press. The coffee can also go cold quickly unless you sit the press on a hot plate. Additionally, you must have your coffee ground rather coarse, or you could end up with a gross sludge on the bottom of the press. But if you really want to take full advantage of your coffee and serve it the best way you can, go with a French press.

Even the water you use plays a role in the way the coffee tastes. For best results, use filtered water when making your coffee. The chemicals and elements found in regular tap water can affect the way your coffee tastes. But when you use water that doesnít contain those additives, youíre left with fresh and pure-tasting coffee.

The Brew

Perhaps the trickiest part about brewing coffee is getting the water to coffee ratio correct. For mild-strength coffee, use two cups of water for every tablespoon of coffee. If you want your coffee a bit stronger, trying using 1 tbsp. of coffee for 1 cup of water. Looking for something weaker? Try increasing the amount of water you use. You may have to play around with the equation a bit until you find one that is perfect for you, but once you do, youíll be extremely satisfied and happy you took the time.

Knowing how to make a good coffee can take your mornings from terrible to terrific. 

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