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Cooking oven baked salmon is so much easier than you think

There are foods that nourish you, like a salad packed with vegetables, and then there are the super foods that are stocked with healthy benefits. Salmon is one of those super foods.

The omega-3 oils in salmon work to maintain healthy joints, lower cholesterol and may help combat dementia. Here are a few facts about this fish including a great way to cook oven baked salmon to help you enjoy this amazing superfood in style.

Farmed or Wild

It almost doesnít matter if you eat farm-raised fish or wild salmon. Either choice provides you with a rich source of omega-3 oils, but WebMD recommends seeking out wild versions in order to get the highest level of  omega-3ís per ounce. Shoot for three to four servings per week for the most benefits.

Recipes Shmessipy!

Even the most challenged cook does not need to follow a recipe in order to cook a great seafood dinner. The rich flavor of the fish makes an excellent counterpart to lemon, so simply squirt fresh lemon juice over each fillet, add a little salt, pepper, and lightly sprinkle some extra virgin olive oil over the top. 

Place the salmon skin side down in a shallow baking dish. Cook at 375 degrees for about 15 minutes. Thicker cuts will take longer, thinner cuts less time. Watch the fish carefully so that you don't overcook it. If you need to test it for doneness, carefully insert a table knife and check both the flakiness and the color.

You can also cook it on the outdoor grill skin side down using a fish basket, or enclose each piece in its own aluminum foil packet. Wrap loosely so the seasonings will mingle as it cooks. Cook until the fish is firm, but not too hard, like a steak cooked medium. Thatís it!

Impress your friends next time they come over. They never have to know the rest of the meal came from the restaurant around the corner or the corner deli if you serve this ever-so-simple recipe!

Catch your own

This is not as easy as it sounds, my friends. These fish are big and strong, so strong they swim up rolling streams to make their families and lay their eggs. Some weigh in excess of 120 pounds. If you are inclined to try to land one of these tasty creatures, fishing lures are apparently the best way to do it. Lures are made to look like the fish salmon eat and move through the water the way they swim. If you want to try it, look for a travel company that arranges sportsman tours that include salmon fishing.

Sitting down to a nice dinner is a highlight on any night of the week, whether it is a family dinner or a night with friends.

Oven baked salmon is one of the easiest, and most impressive, dishes you can serve. It looks as if you spent hours preparing it, yet it is very easy as you can see by the instructions above. Next time you do not know what to cook, try it. You will not be disappointed.

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