Space saving accessories for small kitchens

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vertical wrap rack
Super space saving vertical wrap rack from Miles Kimball
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If you don't have space in your cramped kitchen, make room using accessories.

When your house or apartment comes with a galley kitchen, or any equally small kitchen configuration, you are going to be miserable and unable to work fluidly and efficiently. You will crash into your partner or roommate all the time if you do not figure out a way to make the most of the small area.

Selecting space saving accessories for a small kitchen is your ticket to a functional kitchen, freeing up much needed space.

Put some thought into how you can get the most out of your cramped quarters, which will lead to efficiency of movement and time savings. First, get rid of everything that you don't use. In a lean kitchen there is no room for dishes, pans, tools -- even food -- that is not needed. Wean your collection of spatulas, tongs and spoons to just the essential kitchen tools.

Buy a stool that can be folded up and stashed in a corner, out of the way, when not in use. This stool will allow you to access items that have been placed in upper cabinets. If you cannot easily reach items, then it is pointless to store your dishes and other items in the upper cabinets. But you need to use these high cabinets because storage space is at a premium in a tiny kitchen. Solution: a step stool. The stool can also be used to provide quick additional seating when you have guests.

Install overhead hooks and hang your pots and pans from them. This will free under counter space for other items as well as make pots and pans easily retrievable. If you have pretty pots and pans, such as copper, the display will be aesthetically pleasing and a welcome addition to your small kitchen space, as well as a functional method of storage and accessibility.

Purchase a vertical wrap rack that attaches to the inside of your cabinet door. Store your Saran wrap, aluminum foil, baggies and garbage bags in this rack, which saves valuable counter space, premium drawer space, as well as under cabinet space. It will also eliminate time spent searching for these items, which tend to get lost in the shuffle and shoved into the back of the cabinet where they are impossible to locate when you need them.

Consider purchase a space-saving tool holder that can be attached to the wall in your small kitchen. Quit stumbling over a broom and dustpan that are never where they are supposed to be. The tool holder makes it easy to organize your kitchen: mops, brooms and other tools can be stored upright and are easily accessible. The items easily slip out of the organizer.

Smaller kitchen appliances are available for those pressed for space. A small 24-inch double oven will work well in a cramped kitchen. If you are really pressed for space, there are 20-inch industrial style ranges available and 18-inch portable or built-in dishwashing machine.

Mount your microwave under your kitchen cabinets to free up valuable counter space. Install shelves, taking advantage of available wall space. Put your cookbooks, spices or items that you simply want to put on display on these shelves and they will not be in the way. Using space saving accessories for small kitchens that keep counter space clear is key to creating the illusion of space.

Purchase a double helper shelf, which makes it possible for you to house a complete set of dinnerware service in very little cabinet space. The double helper shelf is a PVC coated wire shelf. This makes space available for the storage of other items. Look at your kitchen with a critical eye, considering where space saving accessories and gadgets will allow you to double your storage capacity, use odd-shaped spaces and move efficiently while cooking.

Another great space saving kitchen accessory is the two-level sliding shelf, which consists of two sliding baskets that are made of vinyl coated wire. This gadget makes it possible for you to organize a cluttered cabinet -- otherwise known as the junk drawer -- and open up space for storage of other items. The baskets are on two-levels and can be free standing or screwed to the cabinet. The baskets slide in and out of the cabinet with ease

If one of your kitchen drawers is being used to store dish towels consider getting an over-the-cabinet towel bar, where you can hang your towels. The bar can either be on the inside or the outside of your cabinet door. This frees up even more room in your kitchen.

Another option is to purchase an under-shelf wrapper holder, where you can organize your plastic and wax wrap or notebooks and small cookbooks. The metal wire fits beneath a shelf and is attached. This is another way to save precious room in your cramped kitchen.

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