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pots and pans
Keep your pans safe and easily accessible by storing them properly
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Storing pots and pans the right way will keep them in tip top shape

Since pots and pans are crucial to cooking, you need to store them properly. If not, you’ll end up with damaged cookware which will likely not last as long as it would had you stored it in the correct manner. Additionally, dealing with pots and pans that are just strewn about your cabinets and cupboards is pretty frustrating. Fortunately, storing pots and pans is fairly simple and can save you time and money.

Location, Location, Location

Just like in real estate, location when storing your pots and pans is super important.

To keep things simple and convenient, keep your pots and pans near your stove. One of the best – and most stylish ways of doing this – is with a pot rack. Hanging a pot rack over your stove or kitchen island shows off your kitchenware and looks plain fabulous. Plus, accessing your pots and pans couldn’t be easier with a strategically placed pot rack, and it frees up cabinet space for other items.

In the Cabinet

If your kitchen doesn’t allow you to hang up a pot rack, no worries: you can still store your pots and pans in an organized manner. Look for a tiered holder that will fit inside your cabinet. This nifty creation holds your pots in separate tiers. Storing them in this way means they won’t sit on top of each other, which can damage their finishes, and you can slide them easily in and out of the cabinet or cupboard. You can fit multiple pans on the holder, but you may need more than one if you have short cabinets or a good amount of pans.

Put a Lid on It

If your cupboards are unorganized, finding lids to accompany your pots and pans is often beyond annoying. You usually have to sift through many different lids until you find the one that fits on your pot or pan perfectly. All this searching can cause damage to the lids, as they’ll likely scratch up against each other. Plus, it’s simply frustrating.

Eliminate this mess by installing a lid holder on your cabinet door. The holder keeps each lid in place and allows you to fully see them, so you can quickly and easily know what lid goes with what pot.

Stuck Stacking

You know you shouldn’t do it, but sometimes you just have to. If you can’t avoid stacking your pots and pans in each other, keep them protected by placing paper plates inside. Doing so keeps their finishes in tact by preventing the stacked pots from scratching them.  

Cookie Sheets

Cookie and baking sheets aren’t exactly pots and pans, but they are in the same category, as are muffin and pie tins. They like to make as much of a mess in your cabinets as pots and pans do, and fortunately organizing them is quite easy.

Simply install a few small tension curtains rods in your cabinet vertically. One might work in the middle of the cabinet or you may need one in the front and one in the back, depending on the cabinet size. The rods support the baking sheets up against them, allowing you to slide them in and out of the cabinet with ease.


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