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High protein lunch ideas

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asian lettuce wraps
Asian lettuce wraps offer exciting flavors that leave you satisfied
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These high protein lunch ideas keep you satisfied and help you lose weight

In order to lose weight and stay healthy, dieters often rely on foods that are nutritious and satisfying. Such is the case with high-protein lunch ideas. These mid-day meals can prevent you from filling up on snacks, and help you reach your weight-loss goal.

Why Protein Works

While eating foods that contain carbohydrates might quell your hunger quickly, that satisfying feeling is fleeting. Soon you are likely to be hungry again, increasing the amount of calories you take in just to make that terrible feeling go away. Protein, on the other hand, keeps you fuller for longer, which eliminates the need for excess calories.

The type of protein you choose to eat, however, is very important. Lean meats, such as boneless, skinless chicken breast, keep you full and won't add much fat to your diet. You eliminate extra calories by avoiding the skin, and chicken is full of nutrients, such as vitamin B, to keep you healthy. This lean and delicious meat can also keep those hunger pangs at bay for a while.

Not every meat is ideal for weight-loss, however. Certain beef and other types meats are full of fat, so while you are loading up on the protein, you are also increasing your caloric intake and potentially causing harm for your body, such as exposing it to factors that could cause heart disease.

Sticking with foods such as lean beef, egg whites, turkey, fish, beans, soy and other low-fat dairy can help you stay full, lose weight and become healthy. You can also get a lot of flavor and boost your protein intake without a lot of calories by adding small amounts of flavorful imported cheeses

Asian Lettuce Wraps

Treat yourself to a crunchy, exotic lunch while keeping calorie and fat content low with Asian lettuce wraps. Simple to make and even easier to enjoy, these healthy treats halt hunger while helping you stay on track.

Combine 2 tbsp. of soy sauce and 1 tbsp. of garlic powder to create a marinade, then pour it over 1 lb. of lean ground beef. Allow the beef to sit in the savory solution for at least an hour to infuse it with flavor.

Brown the beef in medium-high heat and drain any grease or fat it creates. Scoop a spoonful or two over a large lettuce leaf, then roll to keep the meat contained.

The beef keeps you satisfied while the marinade tantalizes your taste buds. The lettuce adds a bit of textural fun that keeps your mouth entertained. Additionally, it creates a playful contrast with the cool leaves and the hot meat. Once you eat lettuce wraps, those carbohydrate-filled tortillas and similar foods won't cross your mind again.

You can also experiment by using other types of meat, including lean chicken and turkey in place of the beef. Or make it vegetarian by using naturally protein rich soy or other organic meat substitutes. 
Sprinkle cilantro leaves over top the beef or other filling to kick your flavor level up a notch. 

Chili Prawn Whole-Wheat Pasta

If you thought eating pasta was a thing of the past, think again. You can still enjoy this flavorful food and stick to your diet. The key is using whole wheat pasta. This type of noodle doesn't contain all the fatty filler as typical pasta does, and is healthy, as well.

To make this simple lunch, simply boil the pasta in water according to the package instructions. Remove the noodles, rinse them in cold water and allow them to cool. 

Heat 1 tbsp. of olive oil in a wok or large frying pan, and add two chopped spring onions. This healthy addition adds crunch and brightness to the meal.

Now add the gem of the meal, the prawns. Delicious prawns, also known as large shrimp, are filled with flavor and protein. The rich taste betrays its low-fat nature, making you feel that you are truly indulging, when you are actually eating something extremely healthy.

Add one chopped chili pepper to the pan or wok when the prawns start sizzling, then turn off the pan when the prawn turns pick. Add your noodles back into the pan and stir until all the ingredients are heated again.

This light and flavorful lunch will carry you to dinner and leave you feeling satisfied and energized.

With these high-protein lunch ideas, you can stick to your weight-loss goals while still enjoying your food.


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