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How to grill corn

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grilled corn
Grill your corn to perfection and enjoy the flavors of summer
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Learn how to grill corn for a fast and tasty accompaniment to any grilled meats

Few foods capture the comforts and simple joys of summer as grilled corn does. Juicy, sweet and filled with flavor, corn on the cob goes with burgers, hot dogs or just about any meal you crave when the days are long and the barbecues are many. Best of all, itís easy to prepare and cook.

Itís time to light up the outdoor BBQ grill, raid your local farm stand and take a few laps around the block to build up an appetite. Thereís no better way to learn how to grill corn than to practice, practice, practice. The best ways to grill corn is on the husk or wrapped in aluminum foil. This covers how to do both with a bonus round of tasty combinations youíll love.

How to grill corn

Preheat the grill to 350 degrees.

To grill corn on the husk - Peel off only one or two of the outer layers from each ear, leaving some husks on for grilling.

To grill corn in aluminum foil - Remove the husks and silk completely.

(Optional step) Fill a pot with cold water and soak the ears for about 15 minutes. The ears should be completely covered so the kernels steam from the inside when theyíre over heat. When grilling in the husks, this keeps the husks from charring too much. Otherwise, most people canít taste the difference between corn thatís soaked or not.

To grill corn on the husk - Carefully peel back the husks, but donít pull them off. Remove the silk between the kernels and inner husk.

Rub olive oil over the entire cob. You can either season the corn before or after grilling by sprinkling garlic, salt pepper or other herbs over the kernels.

To grill corn on the husk - Pull the husks back over the cob, gather them at the tip and tie it closed with a loose husk.

To grill corn in aluminum foil - Wrap the cobs in separate pieces of foil and fold over the ends to seal up the moisture inside.

Lay the ears over medium heat and turn them every few minutes. Donít walk away as the corn can easily burn if not turned often. After 10 minutes, set them over lower heat to slow cook for about 5 minutes. Remove from the grill and let cool for 5 minutes. They will be hot! Wear oven mitts and pull off the husks or foil off.

Mouth-watering corn on the cob seasoning suggestions

When making a delicious BBQ meal, you canít go wrong with butter and a little salt, pepper and garlic, but to taste corn in a whole new way try one of the following:

* Old Bay, a.k.a. seafood seasoning

* Balsamic vinaigrette

* Lime, cilantro, cayenne and a sprinkle of cotija cheese

Grilled corn is the perfect side whether youíre making a casual meal for the family or a romantic gourmet dinner for two. Use a sliding corn cutter to remove the kernels or enjoy it straight from the cob, just bring floss for afterward.

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