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Simple chutney recipes

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Chutney is available in both sweet and savory preparations
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Simple chutney recipes feature complicated and delicious flavors

Chutney is an earthy, tasty relish-like sauce that can feature just about any ingredient and accompany a variety of dishes. You can make your chutney savory or sweet, and use it on meats, breads and even sweets.

Not only are chutneys delicious, but that are simple to cook, too. Having a few simple chutney recipes under your belt will take your dishes to the next level and add new flavors to your foods.

Apple Chutney

Perfect for roast chicken, sausage or turkey, apple chutney is easy to make and even easier to enjoy.

In order to get the tastiest apple chutney possible, you’ll have to start with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Make sure your apples are crisp and refreshing and the rest of your accompaniments are of the highest quality.

Start by peeling, coring and chopping two large tart cooking apples, then place them in a sauce pan. Add to the apples ½ cup of chopped onion, ¼ cup each of red wine vinegar and brown sugar, 1 tbsp. each of grated orange peel and fresh ginger and ½ tsp. of allspice. 

Bring all of the ingredients to a boil, then allow the mixture to simmer, covered, for 40 minutes. 

Take the cover off and let it cook for a few minutes, or until the excess liquid is gone. Allow the chutney to cool. Eat this simple apple chutney with any dish you want to give a sweet and tart kick to.

Peach and Jalapeno Chutney

Sweet and spicy is a delicious combination that goes will a variety of foods. Experience this intriguing flavor profile with peach and jalapeno chutney.

To make this tasty treat, peel and pit five ripe peaches and dice three. Put the diced peaches in a bowl and set aside. Then take the remaining peaches and puree them in a blender. Pour the liquid into a sturdy sauce pan and add two diced jalapenos, 1 tbsp. each of sugar and grated ginger, 2 tsp. of lemon juice and 1 tsp. of cinnamon.

Bring the mixture to medium heat, and allow it to cook for five to six minutes. Now put the diced peaches back into the mixture and let them cook for two or three minutes.

Once the chutney is cooled, you can serve it with chicken, fish or anything you want to add a bit of sweet heat to.

Simple chutney recipes take your meals to the next level. Since they are so easy to make, go ahead and come up with your own recipes, using your favorite ingredients. You’ll be amazed at just how delicious your fare will be.

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