What to do with your photos

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ocean photo on canvas
Print your most stunning memories on canvas
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What to do with your photos on and offline to preserve and showcase memories

Thanks to the quality and affordability of digital cameras today, many of us have an abundance of pictures from family vacations and spontaneous road adventures, to the quietest moments and silliest poses. Now that everyone’s a photographer, there’s simply not enough shelf space for all the photo albums you could fill. And that’s okay. 

Finally, the ways in which we display our pictures are catching up to the world’s prolific shutter snapping. Ready to have some fun? These sites and craft ideas show you what to do with your photos from creative alterations to printing them on material as long lasting as the memories themselves.

Printed on canvas

Display them as works of art by having your photographs printed on canvas. Printing them on canvas is a tasteful answer to the age old question of what to do with your photos. What could be better than turning them into art? Have simple photos printed in black and white if you plan to arrange them on a colorful wall. 

Photos on slate

Yes, every family photo is precious, but every so often you take one that captures the people you love so perfectly it deserves special treatment. Rather than another frame on the wall, why not special photographs printed on slate? The cut and look of each stone is naturally unique, and the image won’t fade or tear over time.

Hair Swap

Thinking about trying something new with your ‘do, but not sure how it’ll look. Hairmixer is like a fitting room for new hair. Upload a self portrait with a clear view of your facial shape, and then choose a few celebrities with similar features and excellent style. Drag and drop your face over theirs for a preview of what you’d look like with a super short pixie cut, or bright red locks.

Pillow craft

Transfer the face of your sweetheart to fabric with iron on transfer paper and stitch yourself a dreamy pillow. If your hubby’s not too fond of the idea, use a photo of a pet or favorite place instead. Are you making a gift? Use a family picture from a loved one who’s far from home. 

Funny Times

Not all picture play leans towards the sentimental. Let out your inner snark on This free site lets you create captions and blurbs around photos, as well as cards with funny phrases, photomontages and fake magazine covers. 

Trash talking is a skill with few fun spirited outlets, if you don’t currently play any sports. Send your wittiest creations to friends and challenge and dare them to return the affection. The montage tool would be perfect for creating fun gifts for bridesmaids and birthday parties.


Remember how fun poster making was when you were a kid? Anymaking does. Here you can upload a photo and use different effects and editors to make a Wanted poster of your puppy or an old timey poster starring you and the girls.

Book of the year

If you don’t have time for scrapbooking but absolutely want to document each year, consider making a beautiful book. Sites like Blurb allow you to upload images and text from a blog, or copy paste from other documents. Tweak the layout to your liking and receive your book in the mail in no time.


The name of this site says it all. Upload a few photos and choose from hundreds of different effects. Whether you superimpose your brother's face on a Time Square billboard, the cover of a gothic novel or on an arm as a gritty new tattoo, a few minutes on this free site and you’ll see loved ones in a whole new light.

No more wondering what to do with your photos. If you have a little free time and some creativity, you’ll find an endless array of things to make with your best memories.

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