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Homemade Christmas items add warmth and creativity to your home.
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Unique and fun holiday crafts to spread the cheer

The holidays are a great time for those who love being creative to think of unique and fun Christmas craft ideas. Making arts and crafts projects is a festive and inexpensive way to decorate your home and to make gifts for your friends and family. From ornaments to cards and even homemade wrapping paper, the following Christmas craft ideas will keep you having fun as you deck your halls for the holiday season.

Making traditional wreaths is an easy and beautiful way to adorn your home. You can weave your own with evergreen boughs or you can buy them already made. Add berries, pine cones, Christmas colored ribbons or beads to make each wreath festive and colorful. A helpful hint is to use pipe cleaner wire to hold your chosen decorations firmly in place. You can also purchase stuffed or Styrofoam wreaths and use a glue gun to decorate them however you like. Use silver or gold glitter spray to make your wreath sparkle.

Other festive Christmas craft ideas include tree ornaments. Using Styrofoam balls is an easy way to make these traditional favorites and you can decorate the balls any way you like. One great idea is to cover a Styrofoam ball with clear pushpins. Leave a small spot at the end of the ball empty and use a straight pin to thread a ribbon through for hanging. The clear pushpins look like ice and will reflect the lights on your tree beautifully. You can also use cone shaped Styrofoam to make Christmas tree shaped ornaments. Decorate these by covering them with green pushpins and using colored pushpins for ornaments. You can also decorate your creations by gluing on colored candies. Keep them in the wrapper if you want to be able to eat them later. Another beautiful way to make ornaments for your tree is to buy small jewelry sized boxes and wrap them like Christmas gifts. Hang them using colorful ribbon. If you have children, put candies or small toys inside the boxes and let the kids open them when it is time to take down your tree. These small surprises will serve to cheer up your children when the holidays have come to an end.

Easy Christmas craft ideas include making beautiful ornaments for your tree by threading glass beads onto pipe cleaners. Twist the ends so the beads do not fall off and shape the pipe cleaner into candy canes, bells and other traditional Christmas shapes.

One of the most festive parts of the holidays is gathering your friends and family for a beautiful Christmas dinner. One creative way to dress up your table is to make your own napkin holders. You can use shower curtain rings to make this Christmas craft idea, or if you prefer, you can purchase plain napkin holders and decorate them as you please. Use a glue gun to adorn the rings with holly, beads, and satin ribbon.

Centerpieces are another beautiful way to dress up your table for the holidays. Large bowls filled with silver and gold Christmas balls will add elegance or, if you prefer a more casual feel, a bowl of pinecones, evergreen sprigs and cranberries can be used to create a traditional look. Personalized wrapping paper is a great way to add a loving touch to any Christmas gift. Using metallic gold and silver paint to draw pictures or write personal messages on tissue paper makes a beautiful and unique wrap for your gifts. You can also paint the edges of holiday shaped cookie cutters and press them to the paper to make festive images. There are many fun and exciting Christmas craft ideas to keep you busy this holiday season. Merry creating!

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