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Christmas party games

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A home filled with laughter and games is a cherished memory.
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Fun ways to liven up your Christmas surroundings

Your house has been decorated, your invitations have been sent and you have prepared the menu. Now all you have to do is think of some fun activities for you and your guests to engage in at your Christmas party. Christmas party games are a festive way to ensure that your guests have a good time and make your celebration a memorable one.

Most Christmas parties include a gift exchange. Make yours special by incorporating some fun twists. One idea is to have a white elephant gift exchange where each guest can either unwrap a present or steal one that another guest has already opened. It is always fun to see which gift will be stolen the most. You can also spice up the party gift exchange by having guests guess who brought which gift, or by having your guests bring specific presents such as CD's, their favorite baked treats or tree ornaments. Outdoor activities make for great Christmas party games. Divide your guests into teams and have snowball fights, or snowman building contests.

The Box Game is another fun Christmas party activity. Wrap a small present, such as a CD, a book or small box of candy in a succession of boxes. Designate a number that your guests have to roll on the dice in order to get a turn at unwrapping the package. The first person to roll the number must put on a coat, hat, scarf and oven mittens and try to open the gift. This must be done quickly because while he or she is frantically trying to unwrap the gift while wearing over mitts, the rest of the guests are taking turns attempting to roll the designated number on the dice. As soon as someone succeeds, their turn begins and the outfit must be taken off by the first player and donned by the next before they can attempt to open the gift. This game moves fast and it is hilarious to watch your guests frantically dressing and undressing in the silly outfit as their turns begin and end. This goes on until someone manages to open the parcel and that person gets to keep the present inside.

Christmas party games that include singing are always a fun way to celebrate. Separate your guests into two groups. One member of each group picks a piece of paper out of a hat that has the name of a Christmas carol written on it. This person draws clues for the other members of his or her group and they try to guess the name of the song. Once they guess correctly the group sings the carol. Name That Tune using Christmas carols is also a fun way to incorporate music into the festivities.

Other great Christmas party games to play with your guests are to fill a stocking with miscellaneous items like pinecones, a banana, a roll of camera film or any other items you can think of. Pass the stocking around to your guests and have them try to guess what's inside by feeling the outside of the stocking. Each guest writes down what they think is inside the stocking and whoever gets the most correct wins a prize. Prizes can include a bottle of wine, Christmas tree ornaments or homemade cookies. Or, challenge your guests to see who can wrap a gift the fastest. Give each guest a similar sized box, some wrapping paper and tape and start the clock. To make it more difficult, have them put one arm behind their back. This will make for some interesting looking parcels!

These are just a few of the many Christmas party games you can play to add fun and festivity to your holiday party. Good luck and have a great time.

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