Crafting for charity projects

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Make a difference in the life of a person or animal by making the most of your hobby - many organizations donate to charities through crafts
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Your hobby can help the world.

Do you love crafts? Would you like to make a difference? You can actually make a difference in people's lives with your crafts! Crafting for charity projects is easy; many organizations are looking for crafters. One of the nicest benefits to finding an organization to craft for is now you can do your crafting even more!


Organizations look for different types of crafters. One of the most popular types of crafters that organizations seek are knitters. Knitters can create soft blankets, hats, and other garments. Knitters and crocheters are needed. You can help so many different types of people and even animals. Your crafting can make a great difference in someone's life.


Project Linus


Project Linus is a popular choice for crafters. Project Linus gives handmade blankets created by "blanketeers" to seriously ill, traumatized, or needy children. You can knit, crochet, quilt, or create your blankets out of fleece material (no sew). There are Project Linus chapters in every state. Visit the Web site to learn more. You will find suggested patterns, because each blanket must be a specific size and use certain materials.


Chemo Caps


Chemo Caps is an organization that knits caps for patients going through chemotherapy. It was started by a mother, Ronni Lynn Spoll, who lost her daughter Heather to cancer. Her daughter was a great knitter.

Chemo Caps offers sample patterns to help you get started and information about where to send the caps. Knitters from the United States and other countries participate, knitting caps for chemo patients. It is a great way to show people that you care about what they are going through and offering something that was especially handmade is very thoughtful.


Snuggles Project


The Snuggles Project is an organization that creates blankets for animals waiting in shelters for adoption. It was started by Rae French in 1996 because she wanted to comfort shelter animals. The blankets are called "snuggles." Each animal gets its own "snuggle" for comfort, making a stainless steel cage and concrete or plastic flooring much more comfortable.

There are other crafting for charity projects that may be one-shot or temporary projects. You can find many of these at VolunteerMatch. These would include sending handmade cards to those who are ill or making soft stuffed animals for children. If you are good at making a craft, you might also want to consider selling your craft at Etsy or eBay and donating the profits to the charity of your choice.

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