Homemade Christmas gifts

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Most homemade Christmas gifts are surprisingly easy to make and will mean a great deal to those lucky enough to receive them.
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Whether you're on a tight budget or just looking to add a personal touch to the holidays, making your Christmas gifts is a great way to let the people on your list know you are thinking of them. Most homemade Christmas gifts are surprisingly easy to make and will mean a great deal to those lucky enough to receive them.

One great idea is to make jam, preserves, pickles, chutney or any other kind of treat you prefer and jar it. Decorate the jar with a beautiful Christmas ribbon and a personalized gift tag and it becomes a wonderful gift for someone special. If your family and friends enjoy wine you can make your own batch and put personalized labels on the bottles. Add a ribbon or bow for an added touch.

Gift baskets are another way to put together personalized gifts for friends and family. Is there a coffee lover amongst you? Place packets of gourmet grounds, cinnamon stir sticks, a beautiful mug, and coupons for free coffee at their favorite coffee shop in a basket and tie a beautiful bow on the handle. A chocoholic can be made very happy by putting packets of cocoa, chocolate kisses and homemade chocolate chip cookies in a basket just for them. Other basket ideas can include fruit baskets or beauty baskets filled with cosmetics or bathing items. You can even put together a sports basket for the athlete in your life. Put a sports magazine, a T-shirt from their favorite team and tickets for an upcoming game into the basket. Decorate it by tying ribbons in their favorite teams' colors onto the handle.

Another idea is to make your own Christmas cards by buying plain white stock cards and decorating them with paint, glitter or photos to personalize each one. You can also cut pieces from old Christmas cards to glue onto yours for a professional touch.

If you enjoy scrap booking you can make a small scrapbook for someone close to you. Pictures and mementos from their life would make a wonderful gift. If you knit you can make someone mittens or a scarf that they would always treasure. Another homemade Christmas gift is to write your recipes down on cards and put them into a small photo album. This would make a great gift for a mother to give to her daughter, the passing down of all her treasured recipes.

Homemade Christmas gifts can also be stocking stuffers. Fridge magnets made from plaster of Paris and decorated with acrylic paints are a great stocking stuffer idea. Simply hot glue a magnet on the back and it's finished. Wine charms are great for stuffing stockings as well. Simply thread colored beads onto a wine charm ring to make these festive and useful trinkets. Wine charms also make a great hostess gift for those holiday parties you're invited to.

Homemade candles are another easy way to make gifts for the people you care about. Simply melt paraffin wax in a saucepan on the stove (use the low heat setting) and add candle scents. Pour into greased molds containing wicks and add the food coloring of your choice. Let them cool, remove them from the molds and place in a decorated box or tie in groups of two or three with a Christmas ribbon.

Sachets also make wonderful homemade Christmas gifts. Decorate handkerchiefs with fabric paint and place pot pourri made from scents like lavender, rose and cinnamon spice inside. Fold the edges of the handkerchief up, secure shut with an elastic band, and then wrap a ribbon over it for a festive touch. Making homemade Christmas gifts is a beautiful way to celebrate the holidays and give presents that your friends and family are sure to enjoy.

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