How to make feather earrings

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feather earrings
Feather earrings are fun to wear and easy to make
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Knowing how to make feather earrings allows you to express your sense of style

Earlobes have been looking better than ever lately because of feather earrings. These hot items have been gracing the lobes of models, celebrities and girls-next-door. Unfortunately, they often don't come cheap, and purchasing a pair can set you back quite a few.

When you know how to make feather earrings, however, you can don the trendy jewelry without going broke. There are plenty of jewelry classes and online tutorials available for you to create all sorts of jewelry for minimal cost.

Tools of the Trade

Although it doesn't take much to make these fabulous accessories, you will a few tools to help you create your masterpiece. First, find some craft feathers. Stay away from those you find outside, as they may carry some sort of mite or other insect on them. Go to the craft store or visit a site online to find a pair you like.

You will also need jewelry wire and high-quality earwires. The earwires you pick should feel smooth, so that they enter your ears without any irritation. The hook-style earwires are typically used for this type of accessory; however, you could use the traditional post-style if desired.

Needle-nosed pliers are useful in allowing you to bend the wires and attaching some of the smaller pieces. You can also add charms to the pieces if you find a few that are cute.

Wrap It Up

Lay your two feathers out in front of you, then use your pliers to cut two 4-inch pieces of wire. The wire may look a bit long; however, you'll trim any excess you don't use.

Wrap the wire all the way around the quill. Don't stop until the quills are completely covered. Position the excess wire so that it is parallel and next to the quill.

Thread a small bead through the wire so that it sits over the wire that is wrapped around a quill. Doing so helps to the keep the wire in place. Add additional beads if you want to cover all of the wire. This is also the time to add any charms you want.

Small, dainty charms typically work best with this type of jewelry, as they won't overshadow the main component. Choose whatever you want. You could also stick chains on the earrings, as well, which add texture and color to your jewelry.

Finishing Touches

Create a small loop on top of the quill using your remaining wire. The loop should only be big enough for you to be able to slip the earwire through. Use your needle-nosed pliers to pinch the wire from the loop onto the earring so that it is secure.

Snip the excess wire with your pliers and use a file to wear down the wire if it is rough. Doing so could prevent you from irritating your skin.

Use your pliers to open up the small loop on the earwire. Insert the earwire loop into the loop you created, then use the pliers to close the open wire. Repeat the entire process with the other earring.

You now have a totally original creation that you can wear to compliment your wardrobe, or to give as a gift. Now that you know how to make feather earrings, you can create multiple colors and combinations of jewels for any occasion. 

This type of jewelry goes with just about any outfit and is perfect for both casual and dressy affairs. Your friends and family will likely love to receive a pair from you not only because they are gorgeous, but because you made them.

You can also take orders from your recipients and create pieces using material they like. This type of creation also allows you to incorporate your favorite colors and charms, which makes each piece custom, unique and to your liking.   


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