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Have fun and save the memories!
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Try making a high school scrapbook to save your memories from high school

A new school year is underway, and for many that means the start of high school. With four exciting and scary and fun and stressful years ahead of you, it can be hard to imagine how fast the time will fly.

But before you know it, graduation will be looming and you'll be ready to move on to the next phase of your life. That's why now, right at the start of your freshman year, is the best time to start a high school scrapbook. Planning ahead will is the best way to make sure you include all those special moments you'll love looking back on in years to come. 

Whether you do traditional paper scrapbooking, opt for a digital scrapbook or choose something else like an altered book, here are some tips for things to include. 


You might hate having your picture taken, but if you skip out every time a camera points your way you'll regret it someday. Forget being camera shy and be sure to include pics of your school, your first day, your best friends, that school play you finally got up the courage to audition for, and of course, the days leading up to graduation. When you don't have a camera handy, download and print your friends' pictures from Instagram, Facebook or Tumblr. Or import them into your digital pages. 


Right now it might seem like you'll never be able to forget that geometry class no matter how hard you try. Believe it or not, you will. But when your kids ask what mom or dad took in school, or you're at a reunion and reminiscing  about that class you're sure you took with the class clown, having a schedule in your scrapbook will be exactly what you need. 

The fun things

It doesn't matter if you love going to the weekly football game, singing in the school chorus, or hanging out in the robotics lab. If it's what makes high school fun for you, make sure you include tickets, programs or other memorabilia in your scrapbook. 

A word of caution, though. Think about your future spouse or kids looking through your book someday. If it would be embarrassing for them to see, think twice about including it. Having to tear out pages later on isn't where you want to go.

Your friends

I know that right now you are certain you will always remember your high school friends. But unless you stay in touch, the day will come when you can't remember who that guy is next to you in the club photo, or the name of the girl you used to ride to school with every day of junior year. Take pictures and include names. Trust me on this...someday you'll be so happy you did. 

What's going on in your life -- and in the world

Even during your high school years, what's happening at school isn't everything that's happening in your life. So round out your high school scrapbook with pages about your life outside of school, your family, your community. Include pages about what's happening in the world and how you feel about it. 

Go dimensional

If you're doing a traditional scrapbook or an altered book, make sure to include some things with texture. That pin from the class election, the wristband from the school dance or the seashell from a special walk on the beach all deserve a place in your memory book. Head to a local craft store or online scrabook supply shop for little bags just made for incliding things like these on your pages. 

If you're making a digital scrapbook, you might want to keep a separate memory box for these little treasures. Or arrange a selection of them on your scanner bed and use them to make a one-of-a-kind background for a page.

Write, write, write

Pictures are awesome and souvenirs are fun, but make sure you write about what's happening, too. Write about the events you attend, the friends you make, the feeling you have about what's on the page. Someday those notes, whether printed out in your favorite font or scribbled in your own hand will be the most precious parts of your scrapbook. 

Don't get caught up in the process

Remember, this scrapbook is all about preserving memories of four of the most important years of your life. A simple binder, a selection of acid-free cardstock and some archival adhesive are your only must-have supplies for a basic book. You can add more, of course, but be careful that making elaborate pages doesn't keep you from recording more of your experiences. 

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