What to look for in a quilt kit

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Check the details before you fall in love
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Here's what to look for in a quilt kit so that you have everything you need

Crafters looking to save time and money can do so by purchasing kits. The beauty of these bundles is that you get most or all of the supplies needed for a next project. Thereís nothing more motivating than having everything you need at hand and ready to be turned into something lovely that you have already seen in a high quality photograph.

Many quilters are especially fond of them because they take care of expertly combining fabric colors and patterns with detailed instructions for making the project. If youíve never tried one before, you should know what to look for in a quilt kit. While they may not provide every supply, most include high quality fabric so that your final product is exactly what you are expecting.

Whether you buy a fabulous new quilt kit at a small specialized needlework shop or large chain, the fabrics will be expertly pre-selected by the manufacturer to fit an exact pattern. This is not the place to scrimp; precut quilt kits may be of lesser quality fabric with low thread counts, higher shrinkage rates and may lack color fastness.

Make certain that the kit you are purchasing is represented exactly by the image that accompanies the kit. Low cost kits may be assembled en masse, and won't necessarily mirror what's pictured. If possible, take a look at the colors and patterns when itís not clear what they are.

Your time is best spent on a quilting project that will be a treasure for generations. Expect to spend time measuring and cutting; this is part of the fun in making a quilt.

In a perfect world, all bundles would include everything needed to complete the project, but thatís not the case. Hereís what to look for in a quilt kit and what youíll probably need to get in addition.


Selecting fabrics and designing yourself can be a blast, but if youíre looking for a kit you probably donít feel confident doing this. If you have questions about the photograph - colors, tones, patterns - speak with a salesperson. Make sure thereís a pattern and instructions included.

Pre-cut fabrics

Sometimes kits will only include a pattern and instructions and you will have to purchase your fabric separately. If the price is too good to be true, this may be the case. Always write the company or call customer service if itís not clear whatís included otherwise youíre in for a frustrating trip to the fabric store!

Even if itís clear that enough fabrics are included to complete the project, they may not be the exact same fabrics pictured on the pattern. This is rarely the case with high-end quilt kits, but is common with lower-cost precut fabric kits. This can be annoying if youíve already fallen in love with the tones and patterns pictured. Again, ask the store if it comes with the actual fabrics if this is not clearly indicated in the product description.


Though the pattern may include embellishments, theyíre not always in the package. And when they are provided, you may not have fusible inter-facings or other materials needed to apply them. Itís not a bad idea to stock up just in case.

Binding fabric

Quilting kits usually include enough binding fabric, but not always. If youíre learning how to quilt, you may not have this on hand so read the description carefully and double check with the seller when itís not clear. 

Backing fabric

You canít make a quilt without backing fabric, but for some reason this is rarely included. A few online needlecraft shops and small stores will give you a discount when you purchase it along with a kit. It doesnít hurt to ask.


You will seldom find a kit that includes batting. Better yet, save yourself the search and simply purchase the amount youíll need next time youíre in your favorite supply shop. Itís a good excuse to stop by and say hello to your fellow crafters.


Donít expect there to be thread included or youíll be disappointed. Simply pick it up when you get the batting.

Once you know what to look for in a quilt kit and what youíll probably have to pick up on your own, itís easy to see whether youíre actually saving money, getting a kit that will result in a high-end quality product, or just skipping the design aspect.

In most cases, working from a kit is more affordable even if it doesnít have everything you need. Some even provide labels to help you organize the fabric.

Best of luck with your next project.

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