Where do you find die cutting supplies

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die cut birthday card
Die cut a unique card for someone special
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Do you need to know where to find die cutting supplies for scrapbooking?

Scrapbookers and interior designers have long used die cuts to add unique, creative touches to projects. They bring depth and texture to a design and make it easy to create chevrons, polka dots and other bold details. With some sand paper or steel wool crafters may even want to alter the final look to fit their style.

But first you need the tools and you probably donít want to spend a fortune on them. Fortunately the smaller electronic cutting machines are more affordable and versatile than ever. Theyíre also easy to operate so youíll be able to craft impressive gifts and stylish touches for your home in no time. 

Ask avid scrapbookers and busy crafters where do you find scrapbook die cutting supplies and expect a wide range of answers. It seems certain tools are everywhere until youíre looking for them. Keep these types of vendors on your radar and youíll be able to order everything you need.

Die cut suppliers

Some of the necessary materials are much harder to find than others. Letís focus on the nuts and bolts first. Essentials like grinding wheels, cutting plates, cleaning solvents and letterpress cutting jackets are best purchased from a specialty supplier. Whether youíre new to this technique or a DIYer starting a small craft business, itís worth it to invest in quality equipment thatíll last for years.

These suppliers have already sorted through the myriad of brands and chosen the best. Youíll find standard sizes to fit your machine and any type of material you choose to use.

Craft stores

Letís move on to splurging on the fun, less technical and way more colorful goods. Craft stores are ideal for sourcing fabric, stencil paper and adhesive vinyl. If you donít have a specific project in mind yet, try using each type of material to see which one you like best.

Office supply

Where do you find die cutting supplies if you donít live near a craft store? Office supply stores may not have the variety of a Michaelís or a specialty paper store, but many carry the machines and offer a small assortment of stencil paper to practice with. 


Etsy and other online platforms help crafty people make a living from their creative work. So it makes sense that sellers can also use the Internet for finding their materials. The advantage of buying online is you can compare prices, read product reviews and choose from a vast inventory. 

Choosing a machine

A die cut machine should be the first equipment you purchase. Like many crafty machines for DIYers, some require specific accessories, cartridges and sizes for cutting plates. Start with the machine and double check the specifications to make sure everything matches up.

Prices for these machines range from around $70 for a basic model to $200-$300 for a high quality personal machine. Before you fall for the lowest price, read the details and keep in mind that some basic models only cut paper. 

Putting your tools to use

The wonderful thing about being creatively inclined today is the free resources available to learn from. Machines come with instructions that may or may not be helpful. Donít fret. Watch online tutorials. Follow along and practice, practice, practice.

Dive in

Now that you know where do you find die cutting supplies, itís time to play. Browse Pinterest and DIY sites if you need inspiration and how-tos. Popular uses include special scrapbook pages, unique cards, invitations, vinyl wall dťcor and stickers.

A hand-operated die cut machine works a lot like a cookie cutter. It may take a few tries to get the hang of, but once you do the tedium of cutting shapes, words and patterns with scissors will be a thing of the past. 

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