Where to buy handcrafted crafts

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Hand blown glass at Made in Oregon
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Here is a list of where to buy handcrafted crafts for yourself or for gifting

When we are looking for the right item, the right gift for someone else or just for ourselves, we often feel that the newest toy or gadget is all we can think of as far as what fits the bill.

The fact of the matter is that hand made items are just as good as the newest iPhone when it comes to gift giving, especially when you want to give something that no one else can easily get their hands on. Hand made items seem to illustrate that the gift you are giving or just the item you are purchasing is something that was made with real effort, instead of produced on an assembly line.

When looking for items like this the general question is where to buy handcrafted crafts. When you looking for items online, there are a couple of different websites that will accommodate you quite nicely. 

One of the most popular online craft websites is called Etsy and is often referred to as the eBay of handcrafted items. Crafters are able to display almost anything they would like to sell as long as the items they display are indeed made by hand. There aren't any DVDs or smartphones available on this particular site.

Etsy is different than a lot of other retail sites in that it is not a store offering products, but is powered by the people who use the site. Items up for sale include original jewelry, decorative accents and children's clothing. Because of this, there are always a ton of new things that are offered up and the prices are generally considered affordable. 

If you are looking for a retail store that is peddling hand crafted items, look for stores that specialize in merchandise indigenous to a specific region. For example, you can actually get a huge variety of items that are all made in Oregon and produced in the Oregon area. Whether you are looking for gift baskets that have Oregon delicacies or wine you can find them. When you go looking for handmade items, pottery or hand-crafted jewelry you can find them online as well. You can also find a good variety of different works of art such as glass blown bowls.

Craigslist is another site that will help you find things that have been made by hand. The caveat of using a site like this is you will need to get somewhat lucky and hit the site at the right time. Craigslist is a huge repository of used stuff -- even lightly used -- but trying to find something that was hand crafted can be a bit like hitting the lottery.

Not everyone who is looking for gifts and items is going to use the Internet in order to find them. Some people might even consider using the net to look for handcrafted goods a bit of blasphemy and if you want to go check out items first hand that have been made by hand, you can always try a local flea market. While some of these have turned into little more than giant garage sales, there are some flea markets that are still used by people to peddle goods that they made themselves.

Flea markets are also places you can go to when you are definitely looking for something that can be called one of a kind. People who are creating items for flea markets and the like are probably not making a ton of these items. Find something you like at a sale like that and you can be relatively rest assured that it will be the only one, or one of a very few.

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