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A home decorated with African art work, collectibles, faux furs and accents such as a whimsical print of an African giraffe will impress any guest
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Exotic African interiors: absolutely wild

Answer the call of the wild without leaving home by considering a decorating re-do using African themes and accessories. These days, an abundance of social activities that center upon friends and family take place within the home. No need to go elsewhere when home is so appealing and the décor so worthy of double-takes.


Decorating a home in a manner folks will recall as unique requires imagination and creativity. Looking with a sense of adventure at the walls, floors and ceilings in the house well may lead to the creation of a personal African oasis that brings joy to all who enter. The job is easily accomplished through the imaginative use of fabrics, rugs, wall decorations and the like. A home decorated with African art work, collectibles, faux furs and accents such as a whimsical print of an African giraffe are sure to make an impact on any guest.


How can color make a statement?


The traditional looks of yesteryear and boring ho-hum colors quickly may be abandoned in favor of something more exciting. Today's home is a reflection of the tastes and cultures that are a part of the heritage shared by the home's owners. Many homeowners pay homage to their African ancestry and to the traditions of their native lands through the use of intriguing home decorations.


African themes are popular in homes across the nation. The rich colors of the earth combined with splashes of color taken directly out of Mother Nature's closet make a home decorating project a labor of love.


African décor seems to impart a reverence for the wisdom of the elders. Ancient ideas of beauty and art are married in the combined use of artifacts such as painted pottery and modern prints. People today are finding avenues for blending old and new. A stroll through any African fabric boutique will lead to a multitude of great ideas for decorating the home.


Some of the most popular colors favored by today's savvy home decorator come straight out of nature. Long gone are the blasts of vivid neon or the pallid little puffs of pinks and blues suffered for so long by people who were afraid to speak up and demand something better.

Why not set your own style?


Styles change often enough that original thinkers sometimes feel inhibited by what's proclaimed as the latest thing. A talented but bashful decorator may tend to go along with what always has been the norm, rather than demand a visually stimulating change of pace. Make some noise. It's your home.


Today, people realize life is too short to be boring. The home front can be easily energized by some well chosen decorative adjustments. Homes decorated with an African flair boast a palette of colors ranging from mango to palm green to reds so deep they make it seem like the brash savannah sun is setting in the middle of the living room.


Is there a trend toward textures?


Various textures and the colors found in African decorative items lend themselves well to adorning a home. A multitude of choices that lend pizazz can be found in any well stocked African fabric boutique. Now, it's easy for home decorators to access extensive collections of African masks, sculptures, carvings and musical instruments. Decorative products from Kenya, Egypt and Morocco abound.


Natural organic materials such as bamboo, wild grasses and reeds harvested from the water's edge are used today to create woven pillows, throws, wall hangings and apparel. Suede is a wonderful material for use in the home. The impact of a large, framed wall map of Africa might be enhanced through the use of a beautiful African map suede pillow tossed upon the couch or a nearby chair. The ideas are endless.


Hidden lighting that provides a soft glow works well in areas where leisure prevails. Bright lights incorporated into fixtures that glisten with reddish copper hues lend interest to kitchens and game rooms. Replicas of animal prints including those from zebras, leopards and cheetahs are sure to spike the excitement factor. The prints are as real as they can be without harming any of the jungle's most beautiful creatures. Why not make yours a home where the call of the wild is not just that of the kids coming in for dinner?

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