Choosing practical bathroom furniture

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Update one of the most important rooms in your home
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Tips for choosing practical bathroom furniture will create a useable room

There are several things to keep in mind when you are ready to build that extra bathroom or upgrading an existing bathroom. What products should I choose and what’s out there? How much space do I have for what I want? Where do I get help choosing the best options?

Here are some great ideas on choosing practical bathroom furniture to fit your tastes and make the most of a small, but essential, space. Whether you have a traditional bathroom, with standard household plumbing, or a space- and environment-friendly bathroom with a contemporary composting toilet, the other pieces you add to the room can increase both your comfort and convenience.

The shower

For many people, the shower is the main focus of the bathroom other than the obvious one, the commode.

If you want to make the space slip-resistant or to be able to sit down in your shower for any reason, you may want to look into non-slip bath mats, shower benches that look like furniture, and ADA shower benches for accessibility.

Teak in particular is a great choice for the shower environment because it stands up to humidity and moisture well. It does not warp or crack, and it is naturally slip-resistant. Installing a bench built of teak wood may be the ideal choice if you are creating your bathroom from the bottom up or as an add-on to a renovation.


Bathroom counters do not take the abuse kitchen counters do, which leaves you with many choices. You can choose your countertops according to your own personal style rather than how many people will have to sit around it or how many bowls you can pile on top while you are cooking dinner.

Bathroom countertops are more practical bathroom furniture than functional. Yes, they have to hold your toothbrush and other paraphernalia, but you can use softer or more delicate materials such as cultured marble or tempered glass because scratches are less likely to occur.

Types of bathroom furniture

The best types of bathroom furniture pieces are those that serve a purpose as well as being nice looking. Notice I didn’t say “beautiful,” because you can have a simple piece in the bathroom and it doesn’t have to be stunning like it would be in your dining room where you are serving guests. A simple wooden cabinet can serve many purposes --  such as housing for your hair products or those extra rolls of toilet paper while also fitting in with the decor of your bathroom.

Storage solutions

Practical bathroom furniture does not just consist of the sink, tub, etc. You need to keep in mind where you will store your toiletries and your linens especially if you do not have a linen closet. Storing towels under the sink is an option. By neatly stacking them, you can get the most out of your space. You can store your toiletries in the drawers or try an over-the-toilet unit. They may contain doors to keep contents private, or use a unit with shelving to match the rest of your bathroom furniture.
Updating options

Some of the best products to update a bathroom include items such as decorative sinks and fluffy, colorful towels. A change of towels not only updates the look of your bathroom, but it adds to the comfort factor if your old towels are getting scratchy. Think about efficiency when planning out your bathroom. A water-saving device can save you money on your water bills throughout the entire year.

Your bathroom is one of the most-used rooms in your house. Why not make it comfortable and stylish? By choosing practical bathroom furniture, you can save space while creating a comfortable, useful room. 

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