Choosing the right serving bowls

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Color adds interest to any table
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If you are good at choosing the right serving bowls it's easy to set the table

When you are throwing a dinner party or even a pot luck, you should take care in choosing the right serving bowls. Even the simplest meal becomes special with the right colors and patterns, or even just the right shapes on the table. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when you are setting the table for your next party.

Big or small party?

When planning any type of gathering that involves food, you have to start with the number of guests. Make sure you have the correct number of plates, bowls, glasses, etc., for the number of guests you are serving.

If itís a buffet, you can try mixing and matching the tableware, but that is not as easy when hosting a formal meal. If the china you got as a gift for your wedding doesnít have the correct number of plates, for example, you can rent the difference or use different plates all together to make sure everything matches perfectly. And go the extra step to make sure they are not chipped or stained.

Whatís the occasion?

There are colors associated with virtually every occasion. For example, Christmas is synonymous with the colors green and red, and Halloween cries for autumn colors such as oranges and browns. Why not add the punch of light blue with a lovely bubble-infused glassware? It adds an interesting look to your holiday table.

Or add a bright red charger under a clear glass plate to hold your guestsí main course. Adding color truly lights up your table and makes any meal more festive.

What type of food are you serving?

Soups and stews lend themselves to something that will take the weight of the liquid inside the bowl and not slosh out onto your tabletop or tablecloth.

Choosing the right serving bowls is easy. Just think of what youíre serving. Use a serving bowl with a slight lip to prevent spilling as you bring the food to the table or as your guest serve themselves if you are hosting a buffet.

You should also make sure the material the bowl is made of complements the food. For example, a crock-type bowl like the kind you would find in a handmade pottery shop would lend itself to a sturdy stew while a thinner soup would work best in a terrine so the material doesnít take away from the look of the soup.

Buffet or more formal?

The way you host a meal can be anything from an informal buffet to a very formal dinner with place cards and the whole nine yards. Try setting an eclectic table if you are hosting a garden party, for instance.

If a more formal setting is your goal, donít be shy about pulling out an antique serving bowl that sits on your mantle in your living room and add it to your good china. Be bold! Mix and match pieces found around your house and you might pull off the best table your guests have ever seen.

Hosting a meal of any kind, be it a buffet or a formal dinner party, can be a lot of fun. Take it one step at a time and pay close attention to details. The devil is in the details, as they say, because your guests will notice the extra attention you paid in putting together a beautiful presentation.

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