Country style decor

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primitive wreath with berries
Hang a twig and berry wreath on the door to welcome family and friends.
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Country decor brings warmth and rustic charm to a home.

Of all the decorating choices for your home, country style decor radiates with comfort and a "Welcome home" feeling the minute you walk through the door. You can almost smell the hearty breakfast cooking on the wood stove and envision the overstuffed country couch rimmed with ruffled throw pillows. A home filled with country decorating ideas offers an inviting appeal to family and friends.  

Country decor brings charm and a homemade flavor to a home. Most country decorations and furniture are crafted of natural materials such as hardwoods, brass, iron and natural fibers like wool and cotton. Simple, uncomplicated designs utilizing natural materials bring a unique artistry to country decor.  Reminiscent of simpler times passed, country decor is filled with fond memories, old-fashioned craftsmanship and folk art.

Country style decor is much more than decorative accessories around the can encompass an entire home's theme.  From furniture and bedding to accessories such as lighting and rugs, you can create a homey cottage look. Here are some ideas to get started when  transforming a room or an entire home into classic country fashion. 

Decorate your walls in country chic.
Handmade quilts bring a nice touch of color to white walls with their patchwork and floral designs.

Barn wood frames add a vintage touch to your photographs or other artwork. Reclaimed wood such as barn wood is increasing in popularity with designers. 

Handmade wreaths can be constructed of twigs, vines, and berries to bring a fresh spring look to a wall.
Wood signs hung on walls or over doorways welcome visitors, designate the laundry area or display a cute verse. 

Make furniture the focal point of your room. 
Country furniture is typically crafted of the hardwoods such as oak because of their long lasting quality and durability. This furniture type features the simple lines and design of old world craftsmanship. Most pieces are accented with iron or brass for a touch of rustic decor. Wicker is another favorite and can be used either indoors or outdoors on the patio or porch. Toss a braided or woven rug into a living area mix to complete the look.

Country style decor accessories add the finishing touches

Table and floor lamps can be constructed of metals or earthenware materials for a rustic, earthy look. Functional and decorative lamps can be placed by your favorite reading chair, on end tables and nightstands or create subtle lighting on the fireplace mantle. 

Hand woven baskets are another nice touch around the home. Filled with floral, fruit or pinecone arrangements, baskets can accent a table, entertainment system or entryway. 

Candles can set the ambiance of any room. Whether you choose to use dripless wax or battery operated flameless candles, country style decor would not be complete without candles strategically placed around the house. They are great for centerpieces and mood lighting for quiet, romantic dinners.

Design a bedroom with country styling in mind.

Quilted comforters, throw pillows, ruffled bed skirts, and dusters provide comfortable styling, warmth and look great as well. Choose bedding with stars, Americana folk art, patchwork, or floral designs to enhance the country look.

Country style decor gives a home a warm, welcome feel. Throw pillows, candles, and reclaimed wood make a home character-rich and highlight nostalgic country charm. How can you go wrong when decorating with natural materials and old world artisanship? 

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