How to create a masculine bedroom

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Design with a man in mind
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Guys have a different take on design

Without a doubt, men approach style differently than women. Each man has his own tastes and ideas when it comes to creating their personal bedroom space, just like anyone else. There are, however, overriding design elements that men tend to gravitate towards and it’s those elements that help to make a masculine bedroom.


Men tend to be minimalistic – everything is efficient, practical and functional. Rarely is there anything included that has no other function than to take up space. For example, think of a luxury hotel room – fantastic bed, calm colors and soothing design. To introduce a personal touch and homey look, add softer pieces. A great throw blanket and area rugs make the room more inviting.


Men tend to gravitate towards neutral colors in shades of whites, browns, blacks and blues. Use a mixture of two or more of these colors to play off of each other. Differences in texture help to add more depth to the room, even if the colors are similar. Consider adding a pop of a brighter color in a piece of art, on a single wall or in the bedding for more visual interest.


Clean, simple lines (again minimalistic) are the go-to for guys. Cleaning is quicker when there is little carving or ornamentation on furniture, too. Popular choices include wood cabinets, dressers and tables with metal handles, suede for upholstered headboards and a great mattress. The mattress is especially important, even if you travel a lot. A mattress can make or break a day, so get the best you can afford and have a great night’s sleep.


Art can be anything. Like women, men collect things. So, if you have cameras, hockey sticks or guitars you’re particularly fond of, put them to work in your bedroom. This is a way to surround yourself with things that mean something to you and not just a picture that happened to be on sale to take up empty wall space. If you happen to collect great art prints, get them framed and hung on those walls.


Form needs to follow function. Yes, bright overhead lights are great, especially when you’re getting dressed. When you’re relaxing, you’ll want a warmer light that is easier on the eyes and mind. Choose lamps that compliment your overall design theme and that are easily reached from the bed or chair they are placed next to. Another option is to use spotlights on your artwork. When they are the only lights on in the room, you’ll have a soft glow, perfect for relaxing or romance.


What you choose to put on the bed is as important as the mattress itself. Plush mattress pads add another layer of comfort to your mattress while protecting it at the same time. Look for sheets with a high thread count since they are soft and long lasting. Add a light blanket and top it all off with a comforter or duvet. To soften up the severe lines of a sharply made bed, consider a down comforter. Its coziness will help you stay perfectly warm all night. With a duvet, the covers are removable and washable. This is great, because you can totally change the look of your room just by changing the cover. 


Add only the pillows that you need so it doesn’t look overdone. Two on each side of the bed is recommended. That way you can easily prop yourself up to read or watch television. Remove a couple of them and you’re ready for sleep. For the pillows you sleep with, get ones that support your head so you’re comfortable all night. Get the best you can afford and take care of them to extend their lifespans. 

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