Creative decorating with silk flowers

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silk flowers
Silk flowers are always a good option
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Indulge in creative decorating with silk flowers for home accents you'll love

Real flowers add the perfect touch to any occasion; however, sometimes they are not practical because they wilt, droop and lose their blooms. Real flowers don't last forever and sometimes not even an entire day. 

If you are preparing for a wedding or another event requiring bouquets or arrangements, now is the time to bone up on creative decorating with silk flowers. Furthermore, you can create the arrangements well in advance of the event. You do not have to wait until the last minute as you would with natural flowers. 

These flowers will last a long, long time and are as pretty as natural blooms. Every imaginable flower found in nature is available in silk.


Faux flowers won't freeze or wilt in the heat, which is important if having an outdoor affair. They are lightweight, which makes them easy for a flower girl and bridal attendants to carry. Moreover, they do not require water and are easy to handle and transport because the blooms do not fall off.

Creative Decorating

You do not have to put the faux flora in a vase. Step outside the box. Use your imagination. Place a single long-stemmed hydrangea, for example, on top of a bedroom dresser or entwine the flora around decorative curtain rods. Drop some petals on the bed if you are in a particularly romantic mood.

Use faux floral and make a Valentine's or any occasion card. Remove the stem and glue the blossom to card stock. Write a special message. This is a truly a one-of-a-kind card the recipient will treasure. 

When arranging silk flora in a container, realize you are establishing a mood through the use of foliage, flowers and other accessories. Color and organization are both important elements of floral design. 

There are different kinds of floral arrangements including traditional/western, meaning the focus is on the use of lots of flowers as a mass. Oriental composition places the emphasis on the lines of the arrangement whereas modern design means there are no rules but it is more similar to Oriental than to traditional design. 

Keep the following tips in mind when creating a floral arrangement with silk or natural flowers:


Design means having a visual plan about the ultimate shape and size of the product. It is determined by where the arrangement is going to be used, the materials incorporated into the arrangement and the type of occasion. What you would choose to create for a church wedding is probably not the same floral design you would want for a more casual outdoor ceremony.


The arrangement should be balanced. This entails the color and form of the display. Balance provides stability. 

When an arrangement is symmetrically balanced the two sides of the display are equal in quantity of materials. When a floral arrangement is asymmetrical the two sides are not the same but they do have the same visual weight. 

You can use color to achieve asymmetry. Dark colors appear heftier. Place them low in the composition. Lighter colors seem less weighty so put them in the upper and outer areas of the arrangement. 


Another crucial aspect in floral arranging is scale, which refers to the proportions of the various items in the arrangement. The size of the container and the size of the materials (flowers, etc.) used in the container must complement one another. If the container is small be careful about using large flora, which can appear overwhelming and not to scale.


When a person looks at the arrangement, his eyes travel to the focal point and then to the remaining elements in the composition. This is called the rhythm of the display, intentionally, through use of design, color and placement, directing the viewer's eye to the primary feature and then to accompanying elements.

Focal Point 

Bigger and darker colored flowers or leaves are often used in the area the floral designer wants to be emphasized. The center part of the display is where foliage and flora emerge, making it the focal point. 

Unity and Harmony 

Consider unity and harmony in your design. This involves the blending of colors as well as the size, shape and color of the container. 

Cleaning Silk Flowers 

You can purchase flower and plant cleaner that keeps the arrangement looking as if it were just created. The cleaners consists of a quick dry formula. It is lightly sprayed on silk flowers and foliage, removing dust and dirt. You do not have to wipe it off.

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