Where to display a glass collection

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blown glass bowl
Each hand-blown glass piece is an original work of art
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Knowing where to display a glass collection brings a touch of opulence to a home

A glass collection can be as ornate as exotic, hand painted vases or as simple as a cola bottle collection. However when accessorizing your home, most glass collections deserve a special spot in unique home decorating. Knowing where to display a glass collection is integral to maximizing both your investment and your artistic sensibilities.

Smooth to the touch with sleek lines, glass has long been a favorite for centuries for decorative as well as practical purposes. With the discovery of glass, ancient civilizations utilized it for containers, trading material and artwork. 

As the use for glass progressed, hand-blown glass became its own art form and the desire to display a glass collection, especially art pieces and original blown glass, was born.

Ancient Artisans: History of Glass Blowing

By 3500 B.C., the Egyptians were using glass for making beads. But glass blowing as we know it today, began in the first century B.C. in then-Roman Syria. These glass craftsmen used a metal tube to blow air pockets into hot glass. Taking the potential of glass one step further, they then blew glass into molds, creating a wide variety of shapes for

As Rome became an Old World power, the use of blown glass for everyday tasks spread.
Glass was a lasting material for holding a vast array of things, large and small.
Glass containers became necessities of life and the Romans held the keys to glass
production and distribution.

So where do you display a glass collection?

These tips will help you to display your prized collection and keep them protected from breakage.

Corner shelf - A great way to decorate and utilize bland corner walls is to install a corner shelf. Whether the shelf is glass or a rich wood, the glass collection will grab the attention of everyone who walks in the room.

Above the window display - Another way to display a glass collection is with a ledge or shelf above a kitchen or living room window. The natural light brings a sheen to any glass piece and will dress up the window.  

Hang it from the ceiling - Glass makes an excellent light fixture such as a cascading chandelier. The natural shimmer of glass will be the focal point of the room. Today's modern designs welcome multi-colors to glass decor.  

Table centerpiece - Embellish an entranceway, hall or end table with unique hand-blown glass bowls or candle sets.  

Glass front cabinet - Protect and display a glass collection behind more glass. Higher end glass collections should be stored in a wood cabinet with glass viewing doors. A great way to show off your glass artwork and remove the worry of anyone handling the pieces.

Cupboard - Whether you have an antique or modern cupboard to display a glass collection, you can spruce it up by painting the inside to make the glass collection stand out.  A cupboard is a great way to store dinner glassware and show it off.

Displaying glass collections can be as unique as the collection itself. From a simple corner shelf to a glass enclosed case, your display deserves a prominent position whether in the kitchen, bedroom or living area.

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