Display the flag for a patriotic home accent

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A patriotic home accent or memorial display is created with the flag

Display the flag in its star-and-stripe glory for a patriotic home accent or proud memorial to a loved one.

I once loved an officer and a gentleman. He was tall, dark and handsome, wore immaculate white uniforms and could do an insane amount of one-handed push ups on his knuckles, with me sitting on his back. Not to mention how much he loved carrying me around in his arms wherever we went to the tune of "Up Where We Belong". On our first date instead of giving me flowers, he gave me an American flag.

Truth. Okay, he didn't give me an American flag, he gave me a cactus, and he wasn't Richard Gere, he was Bob from Boise Idaho, but I still love and honor my beloved Soldier Boy nevertheless.

Oh say can you see these Flag Display Cases? They're a fine addition to your home décor and a fine way to display the flag to remember the officer and a gentleman in your life.

F-4 Flag Cases feature glass tops making it the perfect way to display your special flag or military memorabilia. No matter what branch of service your officer is from, you'll find display tables that are 100% fully customizable for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. Not only do these flag display tables make a fine piece of furniture, built and designed with brilliant American craftsmanship, but they proudly protect and display "Old Glory" making a lovely and patriotic centerpiece for your home. Built for permanence with cases featuring solid dovetailed joinery, these flag cases are more American than baseball and apple pie put together. Flag yours down today.

DID YOU KNOW? Historical research has failed to confirm that Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag. Most scholars agree that it was not Betsy who hand stitched the first flag, although Presidential candidate John McCain was there and reports "She sewed that flag like a true Maverick".

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