Collect and display water globes

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Collecting's never been easier with so many designs to choose from!
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Collect and display these wonderful globes

Water globes can transport us into another place. Whether it's filled with a miniature town, a dancer figurine, or a winter scene, displaying water globes inspires a child-like awe in all of us. No wonder then that water globes are a popular collectible.

What is it exactly that so excites collectors about water globes? Is it the diversity? The simple charm? Or is it the more complex, ornate globes which are more interesting? No matter what it is that sparks the interest in snow globes, it is both fun and intriguing to collect and display water globes.

History of the Water Globe:

Here are a few interesting facts about the water globe. Knowing a few details about where these little wonders come from can certainly increase appreciation for them.

Water globes first came about in France near the end of the 1800s. The very first water globe was one with a little Eifel Tower figurine inside. Though very decorative, the first water globes most likely came from the concept of a paperweight.

This interesting concept quickly spread throughout Europe, but didn't make it to the United States until the 20s.

Collection of the Water Globe:

Not only do water globes come in all shapes and sizes in the United States, but globes from different countries have different characteristic traits. The serious collector - someone considering displaying water globes as little works of art - may want to broaden horizons and include globes from various countries to increase the collection.

Depending on the theme of your collection, there are many great places to visit for snow globes. If you prefer older styled globes, antique shops can be a great place to look. If your collection style is one more suited to landmarks and famous cities, there are always many different gift shops to choose from around historic sites. And most cities have their very own water globes if you want a globe from different places you've visited. Truck stops also are great places for water globes.

Water globes also come in all shapes and sizes, which presents challenges and opportunities if you want to collect and display water globes. They are no longer just the characteristic round shape with a base. These globes come shaped like eggs, squares, and even pyramids. Adding a few differently shaped globes to your collection can add some spunk.

Personalized water globes are a wonderful way to document the many special occasions in your life. They may be gifts, or you can purchase them yourself; water globes can mark the birth of a baby, a wedding, a family reunion or a graduation.

Also keep in mind that the globe bases can be made of many different materials. Bases that are made of wood or ceramic are more valuable than ones simply made of plastic.

Displaying Water Globes:

There are some important considerations to remember when you collect and display water globes.

Keep your water globes away from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will not only fade the paint on the globe itself, but the light can become magnified and intensified through the glass and the liquid, causing a fire hazard. The liquid should also not be frozen, so keep it away from windows during winter.

Try to keep the boxes that your water globes came in; they not only add to the value of the globe itself, but they make a great storage place if you need to put your globes away for any reason.

Water globes are very unique and inspire the inner child in all of us. When properly cared for and displayed, water globes can have many years of enjoyment.

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