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Storage options give your home an instant facelift.
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Say goodbye to clutter by organizing your home, office and workshop spaces.

Every home has a disorganized, over-crowded closet, junk drawer or pantry that is waiting for someone to tidy those unruly spaces.  Chances are you have an area in your home or garage that could use a good organization makeover. I'm sure you are familiar with those chaotic spaces in your home - they are the rooms that are on your "rainy day" list. Without home organization systems, these spaces are doomed to be eyesores.

Soap rings on the washer

Unruly spaces tend to be closets that have shoes thrown on the floor, belts looped through hangers scattered willy-nilly through the closet and t-shirts mixed with winter sweaters. They are laundry areas with dirty clothes heaped high on the floor and soap rings on the washer or dryer. And they are kid's rooms - well you know what they look like with toys scattered everywhere. With home organization systems, you can neatly store and arrange your possessions so they are right at your fingertips and restore order in the home, office or workshop once again.

For storage and organization solutions, here are some suggestions for your home, office, and garage areas. There are an assortment of shelves, bins, racks, containers, and baskets to make your life easier and keep your household running smoothly.  
Kitchen area -  Enjoy cooking and baking delicious desserts again when everything you need in  is where you expect it to be.
Countertops: Keep countertops from becoming cluttered with tiered spice racks, recipe card boxes and decorative canisters to hold flour and sugar. 
Cabinets - Add additional storage space to cabinets or shelves with sturdy 2 or 3 tier racks. These fit neatly on your existing shelves to maximize space. Place racks under cabinets as well to hang wine glasses and display your latest collection of wine.
Under the sink - Organize cleaning products on handy pullout shelves to eliminate fumbling in the dark for the item you need.

Closet spaces - There are so many home organization systems now to make a closet more efficient and hold more clothes and accessories. Hang hooks inside the closet for nightgowns, robes or jackets. Shoe storage now offers more alternatives such as shoeboxes, shoe racks and shelving. Portable closets roll in and out of existing closets and store seasonal clothing and accessories.

Office spaces - If there is ever a space that needs to be organized and planned - it is the workplace. Bookshelves keep reference books and guides nearby. A filing storage system for those all-important documents and customer orders need file folders and labels to stay organized. Filing boxes work just as well when on a budget. Desk caddies keep pens, paperclips, and scissors right in front of you. Stands for the fax machine or other equipment include additional shelves for storage.

Garage or Workshop - The garage or workshop is typically a man's haven. Sports racks allow you to hang bicycles or other gear on the wall or from the ceiling. Tool racks or boxes keep tools where they belong. Of course, you can never have enough bins or tubs for loose bolts or screws and additional shelving is a must!

Kid's rooms - Help keep your child's room organized and be able to see the floor at the same time! Place their own hamper or laundry basket in their room. Put shelving against one wall for toys or stuffed animals. Tubs and chests are another way to store "stuff." Corkboards are a great way to show off their latest accomplishments.

Organization ranges from simple storage ideas such as baskets or tubs to decorative household additions like bookcases, coat racks or shelving. Whatever your storage needs may be, there is a home organization system right for you.

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