How to put up a curtain rod

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Measuring is essential to hanging curtain rods
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Knowing how to put up a curtain rod is the first step in windows looking lovely

Windows tend to be a bit on the boring side unless they have drapes, curtain, valances - or any combination of these - and decorative hardware around them. They can also let in unwanted drafts and views, which is why many choose to place drapes on their windows.

In order to hang drapes or curtains, you need to know how to hang a curtain rod. Fortunately, the technique is simple and quite rewarding.

Choose Your Hardware

Perhaps the most important aspect of installing your drapes is picking out the proper hardware. A variety of different dowels are available. For instance, you can pick out a plain wooden or plastic hanger, or choose one that is decorative.

The designer dowels can be made of metal, wrought iron, wood or other fashionable material. They also often feature different patterns, textures and colors.

You can also find many different finials, which fit on the ends of the rods. Finials often come in a plethora of styles, materials and finishes. Find a pair that matches your curtain rod.

Brackets are necessary because they hold up the dowel. Again, you'll find many different styles and varieties, making it easy to match your décor.


Accurately measuring where to position your rod is essential, as it ensures the curtains will sit where you desire. Plan on positioning the brackets on each side of the window, so that you can draw the curtains all the way back from the edges of the window itself and get the maximum amount of light shining in your room when you want to.

Use a ruler to measure and mark a spot above the window where you want to place the bracket. Make sure the height is at the right spot for the bottoms of the drapes to hit where you would like. (If the brackets are correctly placed and the drapes are too long, you can have the drapes hemmed.) Now measure the other side with the exact same dimensions and make another guide mark.

Draw a line from mark to mark using a straight edge. Make sure the line is even with a level. Be sure the line extends a bit past the window.

Place the bracket on the wall and situate it so that its center hits the line you've drawn. Stick a red pencil inside the screw holes to make marks where you should insert the screws.


Install the brackets into the wall with the screws. You'll need to use either a screwdriver or a power drill, depending on the style of the bracket.

Once they are both in place, lay the dowel on or inside of them. Some rods are simply set on top of the rods, and some are inserted into the holes. You may need to cut the dowel to fit your window.

Slide the drape rings through the dowel. You'll also need to install the end support, to keep the dowel secure on the brackets.

Place one more ring on the outside of the support, then add the finials. This one ring secures the outer edge of the drapes. Some finials simply slide on, whereas others need screws to stay in place.

The last step is placing the drapes on the dowel. The drapes likely have holes along the top edge so that they can be secured on the hooks or clips of the drape rings. The rings and drapes should connect to each other quite easily.

Hooks or tieback loops secured to the wall allow you to open your drapes and fasten them by placing ties around the fabric. Some people prefer this look and it is a more formal option than simply sliding the drapes or curtains open.

Knowing how to put up a curtain rod properly can keep your drapes in good shape, and make your home look that much better.


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