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Achieve the perfect fit for your curtains.
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Tips on how to fit curtains to windows

Carving out a beautiful space to call, “Home,” is a concept that many can relate to. The time, energy, and care that go into choosing and tastefully coordinating the perfect blend of fabrics, textures, textiles, furnishings, art, and furniture designs to represent one’s unique sense of style, comfort, and aesthetic flavors, can be quite a daunting task, in the least. Juxtapose the challenge that is presented when dealing with all of these essential elements of home furnishing and design, with the potentially compounded frustrations involved in making curtains fit the windows in your home.

The abundant joys of creating and sharing forever memories with family members and friends in your home most often takes a front seat and creating a lovely space in which to share them is golden. This is a great source of pride for families and singles, the world over.

When curtains do not properly fit, this presents an abominable eyesore, as it strives to commandeer all the greatest beautification possibilities. There several solutions to solve and prevent this ugly monster from rearing its ugly head in your home.

Read on to find out what you can do to make draperies and curtains fit in your home.

Use a Tape Measure to Make Curtains Fit:

The first step in making curtains fit any window is to take the proper measurements using a tape measure. Measure each window on which new curtains will be placed to find out exactly how wide (the width) and how long (the length) the curtains will need to be.

For curtains that are going to be placed on a curtain rod, measure the length of the entire curtain rod. This will be the width of your curtains.

Next, place the tape measure at the top of the curtain rod and measure downward to the floor if you want floor-length curtains. If you want shorter curtains, then measure down to your desired length. Write down these measurements and take them with you when you go to purchase your curtains to have them cut or custom-made with your measurements. This will ensure a precise fit.

Use Tension Curtain Rods to Make Curtains Fit:

Tension curtain rods are a great way to make curtains fit because they are adjustable. This is perhaps one of the best methods of adding window treatments with a perfect fit.

Both the length and width of these rods may be easily adjusted to fit your favorite curtains and windows sizes.

The only caution when using tension curtain rods is on curtains made of heavy fabric. Use these only when hanging curtains that are sewn of light to medium fabrics for best results.

Use Bendable Curtain Rods to Make Curtains Fit:

Bendable curtain rods are another good option because they can be cut to make curtains fit windows perfectly. These rods may be used on bay windows, as well as other curved or straight windows.

More Curtain Rods That Help Make Curtains Fit:

  • Traverse Rods
  • Finials
  • Magnetic Curtain Rods
  • Holdbacks
  • Spring Tension
  • Cafe Rods
  • Sash Rods

Employ these tips and solutions to make curtains fit the windows in your home.



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