Seasonal flags add color to your home

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Selecting a variety of seasonal flags will allow you to celebrate throughout the year
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A seasonal flag is a wonderful way to mark events

The big holidays like Christmas and Halloween mean lots of decorations inside and outside of your home.  But what about the rest of the year?  How do you decorate for the other holidays, the change of seasons or life's special moments like graduations or a new baby?

One simple and colorful way to mark those special moments is with seasonal ready-made or custom flags.  Start with a simple angled flag pole mounted next to your front door or on a porch post. then add a colorful flag for an instant feeling of celebration.  Or choose a garden sized flag holder to add a decorative touch anywhere in your yard.

Not sure what kinds of flags to get?  Here are some ideas:

The changing of the seasons:

Generations ago, the first day of spring, summer and autumn were occasions for celebration. Reclaim the seasons with cheerful flags waving in the breeze outside your door.  Select holiday-themed seasonal flags like Easter or Passover for Spring, or Halloween and Thanksgiving for autumn, or look for something that just reminds you of the season.  A flag featuring a tulip or baby bird would be a wonderful way to greet Spring, while an image of a bonfire, leaf pile or tree with changing leaves could signal the arrival of fall. 

The little holidays that dot the calendar

Why decorate only for Christmas or Thanksgiving?  Find something to celebrate every week with flags that go with life's smaller holidays.  Consider brightening your home's exterior decor with a flag honoring National Pie Day or The Statehood of Hawaii.  Your ever changing flags will help you enjoy every week, and probably start many interesting conversations with neighbors or passers-by. 

Religious holidays and seasons

Why should you be limited to the holidays the rest of the country celebrates?  Proudly declare your faith with seasonal flags that honor the ecclesiastical calendar. From Purim or an Eid to Saint's days, each religion offers dozens of reasons to hang a religious flag and mark the day.

Don't forget your favorite teams

 An outdoor flag is a great way to show team spirit,  Check out your team's web site to see if they have one or  order one from a company that makes custom flags.

Share the news

If your family is celebrating a milestone such as a wedding, new baby, graduation or beginning kindergarten, share the news with neighbors and passers-by with a flag that announces your good news.  Choose a flag that says exactly what's happening, like "Happy Birthday", or find a flag with a symbol that represents the happy event.  Either way, the person celebrating will feel extra special when they see that flag flying outside your home on their special day.

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