What is a country kitchen?

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Table with tulips
Natural lighting and colorful flowers are a must for any country kitchen
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Warm colors and natural materials are the essence of what is a country kitchen

"Welcome home" are two words that define just what a country kitchen is. It is the feeling you get when you can almost smell the apple pie cooling on the windowsill the minute you walk into a large, sunny kitchen accented with natural, earthy country decor furniture and accessories

So just what is a country kitchen? They are typically warm, large areas with ample room for the cook to spread out when cooking or baking their delicacies. Country kitchens welcome families and friends gathering for scrumptious, home-cooked meals. Using the palette of nature's color and simple patterns such as florals, you can create an inviting space that never goes out of fashion.

A staple for any country kitchen theme is utilizing natural materials such as hardwoods, wicker, cast iron, brass and natural fibers like cotton and wool. Appliances and cabinetry should be simple, functional and uncomplicated with ample counter space to whip up favorite recipes. Many country kitchens feature extra wide stoves with multiple cooking areas on top and 2 baking ovens. This allows for any chef to bake several dishes at once. 

Here are some ideas for creating a country kitchen that will be a delight for the entire family as well as entertaining guests.

Start with a Country Kitchen Table that is traditionally oval or oblong and constructed of wood with matching wooden chairs. Some chairs include a high back and others feature ornately scrolled spindles on a classic bowed back. Wood is luxurious and known for its timeless resiliency. For extra comfort, be sure to add cushions that complement the country atmosphere you are trying to create such as a patchwork, floral or vivid striped pattern. A country patterned table cloth across the table completes the look.

Treat windows with sheers and patterns that let the sun shine through! Dress bright, large windows with a cafe style valance, pastel colored sheers or floral fabric to accent the coziness of what is a truly a country kitchen. Place a small herbal garden on the windowsill and grow your own spices and herbs for your culinary dishes. You won't find herbs any fresher than when grown and picked at your own home! 

Lots of accessories put the finishing touches to the warmth of a country kitchen. Salt and pepper shakers in a simple woven basket adds to the charm of the kitchen table. Pinecone, fruit or floral arrangements can also accent the countertop, table or kitchen island. You can give your kitchen additional character when decorating with items you may have lying around the house. Antiques, old wooden signs, and watering cans filled with dried or fresh flowers can bring fresh life to unused items.   

Warm the floors and welcome family and guests with a braided or woven rug. Place under the kitchen table or in front of the sink to give the kitchen a homey feel. How about a welcome mat at the entrance of your kitchen to welcome an additional dose of warmth? Many country kitchens have hardwood floors and rugs are a great way to protect them!

What is a country kitchen? It is an open, spacious area accented with natural materials and old-fashioned country charm. It is a warm and inviting space decorated with nature's own accessories and for enjoying meals with family and friends. A country kitchen is as American as apple pie.

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