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Today's window decor is amenable to a variety of attractive accessories
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Choices for window decor and decorating ideas abound as products proliferate

It’s an old, old adage—the eyes are the windows of the soul. True? If so, then perhaps it is the windows that are the eyes of the home. The light that shines from windows is what greets visitors stepping onto the porch. Windows can be shuttered. They can be accented with the jewel tones of stained glass. Sun glare is a thing of the past when windows are well dressed in the sheerest of solar shades—shades that eliminate sun glare yet enable a full view of the great outdoors. The use of the energy-efficient solar shades is but one solution among a multitude that incorporate window decorating ideas into a successful window treatment plan. Window decorating is one of the most inexpensive facets of home maintenance, yet one that goes far toward making a house a place of comfort and beauty.

What’s the latest trend?

Today’s home owners are fortunate, for most manufacturers of home products have listened attentively in recent years to consumer suggestions regarding window decorating ideas. The amenities offered today include luxuries that make life easy. Come home. Relax. Aim the remote control at the window—or press a button on the wall—to raise or lower the motorized shades. Windows have never had it so good.

Motorized shades are here to stay. Banished is the need to grapple with a balky string. Gone forever is the shaky climb upon a chair to retrieve the shade that has gone flying up-up-and-around when it inadvertently slipped out of hand. The acquisition of motorized shades sometimes is among the first of one’s window decorating ideas. They are becoming a must-have for home owners who like to relax after a long day—or add with the touch of a button a little atmosphere to a room. Window decorating ideas can come quickly to life when one realizes the extent of the unique styles, fabrics, colors and textures now available from manufacturers of window shades and blinds.

• Custom shades for oddly shaped windows
• Custom lengths and widths for blinds
• Wood shades and faux wood finishes
• Woven wood and bamboo shades
• Custom made vertical blinds
• Blinds and shades of vinyl or fabric
• Cellular shades that are energy efficient
• Motorized shades for high-up windows
• Shades and blinds in bold colors of vinyl

Does the size of a home matter?

Whether a home is large or small, energy efficiency is sure to be an issue when window decorating ideas are discussed. A smaller home calls for window decorating ideas related to saving energy—and utilizing every available space. Window decorating ideas for a small home probably will result in simple window treatments—traditional, light-colored shades or blinds with clean lines. Forget the frilly curtains. Forget floor-length drapery panels.

Make a small home look larger by ensuring that open space is visible in every room. Organize possessions so that the home looks uncluttered. Keeping a tidy homestead is easy when tips for organizing small spaces are investigated. In many cases, a small home means fewer upkeep expenses than are incurred by a large abode. Make sure the window decorating ideas for any home reflect a yen for beauty tempered by economy.

One general rule related to window decorating ideas for a small home is to avoid placing personal items on window sills. The practice wastes energy because window shades rarely are fully extended. Put the radio, the knick-knacks or the bottles of shampoo elsewhere.

Always pull the shade down so the edge meets the sill and the body of the shade lies as close as possible to the window glass. Avoid letting the shade hang over the sill. A hangover causes a gap that negates a shade’s insulating properties. Window decorating ideas of the highest magnitude aim for finished window treatments that enable full coverage by appropriate shades, sets of blinds—or attractive sets of vertical blinds. 

What’s the word on saving energy?

The U.S. Department of Energy offers tips about energy savers and touts the benefits of saving energy and making wise use of natural resources. Heating oil, electricity and home-heating gas can account for a scary chunk of a home owner’s budget.

The savvy head-of-household who’s thinking up some workable window decorating ideas now needs to account for energy use, too—not just looks—when dressing a home’s windows. Dress for success—in energy savings and eye appeal. Remember—the eyes are the windows of the soul. And the windows are the eyes of the home.

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