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25 Go Green Ideas: great green concepts for a brighter world!
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Go green ideas: making environmentally responsible choices

Going green is the rage today.  Thankfully, this means that we're all becoming increasingly aware of the daily decisions we make regarding product choices and lifestyle. 

Lists of go green ideas are becoming popularized and widely shared across the Internet and within communities.  Sharing this knowledge is crucial, because after all, there is only one planet earth.  It's important to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible and strive to preserve the environment for future generations.   

If you simply don't know where to start, here are some simple tips and basic go green ideas.  Not all solutions fit everyone's lifestyle, and of course it is nearly impossible to implement every go green idea every day... but if we all do our part one step at a time, we can make a positive impact on the environment. 


Here at, we encourage you to implement this list of go green ideas in your own home or work place.  Bookmark this page on your web browser, or even print and copy this list (on recycled paper of course!) in order to share the tips with friends, family, employers, colleagues. 

Most importantly, teach your children of the importance of implementing these go green ideas.  To get the whole family involved, simply post this list somewhere you will all see it and keep track of the number of go green ideas you family can implement in a week or a month.  Make these green ideas fun by offering prizes or incentives to family members who can successfully implement the most initiatives.  Last but certainly not least, encourage your family to brainstorm new go green ideas!

  • Recycle your cans, glass, plastic and cardboard

  • Make a point of using organic and recycled products and materials

  • Start composting! It's great for your garden and saves landfill space

  • Turn off your computer at night

  • Turn off lights that you are not using

  • Buy more energy efficient appliances

  • Wash full loads of clothes in cold water

  • Plant a tree every month

  • Say no to paper or plastic. Bring your own re-usable bags to the grocery store.

  • Save gas at every opportunity. Carpool, take the train, ride your bicycle, and use cruise control when you are driving long distances

  • Buy locally grown produce

  • Stop buying Styrofoam products

  • Purchase energy saving light bulbs and install them in the lamps in your home

  • Make a donation or contribution to a land conservation or local land trust

  • Do not dispose of oil, pollutants, soaps or chemicals in sewers or waterways

  • If you are building a home or commercial building, research the government incentives toward LEED certified building. The LEED guidelines encourage builders and architects to build with environmental sustainability in mind.

  • Freecycle! It's the latest thing since tag sales! You don't need to throw away everything, and there is no need to buy each needed product brand new. Check out grassroots projects like, a cyber-community dedicated to recycling used items.

  • Use rechargeable batteries for toys and electronic items

  • Clean your refrigerator coils - most people don't realize it but cleaning these coils once or twice a year enables your refrigerator to run more efficiently.

  • Remove your name and address from mailing list that deliver junk mail you do not wish to receive. This reduces the wasteful use and printing of paper.

  • Go solar! Cut down on energy use buy installing solar panels.

  • Reuse plastic bags, plastic cups, etc.

  • Fix leaky faucets to conserve water

  • Line-dry your laundry

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