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How do I find the best second careers for me?

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Choosing a second career can be a chance to make old dreams come true. Ready, set, go!
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Choosing a new career can be confusing, but the right second career is out there

Once upon a time, people chose their career and stayed there until retirement.  In fact, they usually stayed with one company, climbing from an entry level position upward. 

But those days are long gone.  Most people starting in the job market today will have ten or more jobs in their lifetime.  And choosing to move into a whole new field is often a part of that. The challenging part is deciding what the best second careers (or third or fourth!) are for you.

Pay attention - a new career could be right in front of you

Sometimes, the perfect new career just appears.  One day you're working in your old job, and the next, a new door opens.  It could be a chance remark from a vendor, a story in the local paper, or a call from an old classmate. 

If you're open to taking a chance on a new career path, these seemingly random moments can blossom into a whole new direction in your work life.  Listen, ask questions, and consider taking a leap into a new field when the opportunity arises.

Watch for new developments in your industry

The best new careers could be a new job in your current industry.  With technology changing at record speed, and globalization changing the face of many industries, new careers are popping up all the time.

Pay attention to the changes in your industry.  Read the trade journals, attend conferences or network with people in your industry, but outside of your specific career field.  Try to spot the areas of growth and development, then identify where your skills, abilities and industries would work well. That brand new job category might be tailor-made for your new career.

Read your local business newspaper and magazines

Most metropolitan areas have at least one business newspaper or magazine.  Subscribe to yours, and make it a habit to read it from cover to cover., Follow up on articles that interest you by reading more online, at the library or in trade journals. 

Keep track of topics that catch your attention again and again, and start looking for career opportunities in those areas.  The best second careers often start with something someone read, then researched to learn more.

Consider a new career to revive old dreams

The best second careers are sometimes the exact thing you wanted to do years ago. but never had the chance.

When you chose your first career, you may have had to abandon some of your dreams.  Maybe you needed to start working sooner that you would have liked, so a degree was postponed. Or perhaps you didn't believe you had the talent or skills to pursue the career of your dreams, so you settled for second best.

Now may be the time to revisit and reconsider those old dreams.  Maybe finishing your degree is now within reach.  Or years of job experience might have taught you that you really do have what it takes to succeed in your chosen field.

If old dreams are still calling, now is the time to go for it.

Second careers as an adventure

Sometimes, a second career is a chance to skip the careful planning and thoughtful introspection.

If finances and family situation permit, this may be a chance to try something you never dared before.  Learn to fly or start a white water rafting company.  Buy a great camera and try your hand at commercial or art photography. Whatever you dare to do, give it a try. Sometime the most spur-of-the-moment choice turns out to be the perfect new career.

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