Fun ways for teens to make money

By Nancy Livingstone
Info Guru, Catalogs.com

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Teens can contribute to the community while making spending money.
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Jobs that teach teens life skills

Earning money is an excellent way for teenagers to learn about money management and have some extra spending cash. There are many jobs available that go beyond flipping burgers at McDonald's. Thinking outside of the box is the first step. Here are some ways for teens to make money.

Lawn Services

If you live in a warm climate or have a chance to work during summer, offering lawn services can bring in some extra cash. Consider activities such as mowing lawns, weeding gardens, straightening sheds and garages, or planting new flowers. Make flyers listing the services and distribute them throughout the neighborhood. Be careful not to put flyers in mailboxes, as this is illegal according to the US Postal Service. Rather, place flyers in doors and on cars. You may also want to knock on doors as a way to meet the neighbors and have some personal contact. You can set an hourly rate for your work and consider offering discounts for repeat customers.

Take Care of Pets and Houses

Offer to walk dogs while owners are at work. If the neighbors are getting ready for a trip, suggest stopping by to look after fish, cats, or birds while they are away. You can also water plants and keep up the garden. Think of how much time you will spend caring for their pets and homes and set an hourly rate accordingly. Then do a great job so that they hire you the next time they are away.

Sell it

Perhaps you have things in your room that you no longer use. Maybe the garage or attic is full of items that are gathering dust. Clean out these spaces and turn the relics into merchandise. Sell the items on eBay or hold a garage sale. You can pocket the extra cash or use it to purchase more goods to sell.

Computer Help

While schools teach students computer skills, some adults do not have the same knowledge. If you are a computer whiz, you can teach others to become computer savvy. Write up some basic lessons or customize classes to clients' needs.


Whether math or art is your forte, you can help others that struggle in the area. This is something you can do at school or in your neighborhood. Create flyers that define your skills or contact individuals in your class.

Child Care Services Besides babysitting, you may be able to work as a mother's helper. You could run errands for her or watch the children on a scheduled basis. Consider offering activities in your home for younger children. Create kids craft projects with them and read children's books to the group that gathers.

Car Washing

For this service, gather a bucket, sponge, some soap and towels. Check out how much it costs to wash a car at the nearest car wash. Then suggest a slightly lower rate to your neighbors. If you do a superb job, you will be able to get regular clients throughout the summer and beyond. It saves neighbors the time of taking their car to the car wash. If you offer a competitive rate, they will be more than satisfied.

House Numbers

It is important to have house numbers and identification on houses. If you notice that some buildings and homes in your area do not have these, go to the local hardware store. Purchase house numbers and then charge for the labor to put them on houses. This is an excellent way to help your neighbors and the community. During emergency situations, these numbers will allow the fire department or ambulance locate the house in need.

Be Crafty

Let your imagination soar. Perhaps you learned a particular skill in school or enjoy making seasonal crafts. Buy the needed supplies and then advertise your crafts. This allows you to be creative, have some fun, and earn more pennies for the bank.

There are many ways for teens to make money. By offering services that feature their talents, teenagers will have a chance to learn about business, finances and time management. All of these ways for teens to make money will help prepare them for their future jobs and careers.

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