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How to get published online

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Sharpen your pencil is an outdated phrase when the goal is getting published online
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Tips to help you get published online

These days, many people are unemployed or only working part-time, if they are lucky. As a result, many of the would-be writers out there actually take the plunge and begin writing.


But how to get published online is the predicament they find themselves in after they write the perfect story, essay or even a novel. So, where do you find out how to get published online? There are a number of places, but letís step back a moment.


Do some research

First, you have to write something. Retailers like The Literary Guild - a large online book store - is a great place to explore your options, especially if you are not sure what to write.


If you prefer to listen to your books, maybe you have to drive the kids to school or go to an interview, audio book CDs are a great way to get in your reading, so to speak. In fact, listening to audio books after reading the printed book is a great way to hear how stories flow. The voice of the narrator helps point out the high points, low points and cliff hangers that a writer would need to think about.

Choose a topic

Now that you have read or heard other books, what do you want to write?


Most would-be writers find out how to get published online after they have written the story that has been bouncing around in their head for years. They just have to get it out and onto the page, but this is not always the case. If you are a writer without an idea, start from the beginning.


What do you like to read? Romance stories and horror books and thrillers are hot today and regularly hit the New York Times bestseller lists due to readersí need to escape. With that said, do not go for what is the "in" thing. Write what you read and the readers will follow, if the writing is good.


There is literally, pardon the pun, a market for anything you want to write. It is the theory of collective thought. In short, if you want to write it, someone wants to read it, but it has to be done well to get the readers.

Write well

You have an idea about what you want to write, but how do you begin? There are many courses out there for writers, both online and in person, that teach you how to structure your writing time, your thoughts, even your first manuscript.


Companies such as A Word or Two provide manuscript evaluation and instruction through an emailed class. Each week, an instructor emails you a lesson and an assignment to be completed before the next week. If you want to see what others are doing or just talk to other writers, offers a free membership and a variety of resources for new and established writers. It is a sort of social network for writers where they can meet and discuss topics of interest in the world of writing and publishing as well as getting information about the business of publishing.


Publish your work

A finished product is staring back at you from your desk. What do you do now? Why publish it, of course! Self-publishing and book printing services such as Lulu or iUniverse  provide all inclusive or a la carte publishing services for those interesting in self-publishing which is really the best way to publish online. If you would rather not write a book, you can always practice your writing skills by writing a blog. Wordpress and Blogger have simple instructions on how to set up your own blog.


With a little research, it is easy to figure out how to get published online. Write well, write it down, then get it published! The world awaits your next bestseller.

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