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Find out where to learn new things and enhance your life

Step out from your usual routine for a moment and consider a week in the life of you. How many things did you learn last week, or the week before? Itís enough to keep up with the responsibilities we do have - enough, but not very fun.

Learn new things and your mind, body and even your bank account will thank you. From useful computer or language skills, to a creative craft, knowledge is the fuel that keeps life interesting. Lucky for us, thereís a variety of affordable places to study interior design, jewelry making or a new instrument.

Whether youíre craving stimulation or looking to make a career change, finding a good organization to enroll with is only a few sentences away. Check out these online schools, instructional sites and tips for finding in-person classes in your area.

Online schools

Online schools are the answer to our busy, busy lives. They save you the time and money of commuting, and no babysitter necessary. Many online schools and training websites are accredited and designed for beginners. Learn new things at your own pace, in the comfort of your home and receive instruction and feedback from a professional in your field of interest.

Kahn Academy is another online school that has attracted the worldís attention with its free, highly addictive curriculum. The academy began as a way to tutor students struggling in school. It offers video classes with exercises, quizzes and metrics to show your progression. Young students and teachers love it, as do adults who thought their opportunity to learn Calculus had passed.

DIY sites

Say youíre ready to learn, but donít have a specific subject in mind. DIY websites are the place to go to find out about everything life hacks to hanging curtains and juggling. Check out Lifehacker and Instructables for life changing tips and easy tutorials.

With so many websites offering tutorials, itís useful to spend some time narrowing the list to a trusted few. StumbleUpon aggregates recommendations found and tagged by people who share your interests. Do a search for your topic, knitting for example, and youíll find an assortment of sites that already have the thumbs up.

In-person classes

So maybe mastering a new craft is not your only motivation. Taking classes is also a fantastic way to meet new people, make friends and mingle with fellow singles. If you live near a city and love wine, or beer, or cheese Ö or basically anything consumable then get yourself to a tasting class. These are typically one-time events that involve some learning about history and technique, some practice and lots of socializing.

If you want to gain art and cooking skills, head to a classroom. Culinary schools and community centers have many options for beginners - youíll find more advanced choices at local colleges. Some restaurants and venues will hold workshops during daytime off hours. For instance, the Etsy offices in Brooklyn host a number of crafting events throughout the year.


  • When choosing between online and physical courses, consider the nature of your subject. If you want to study a skill in which observation and practice are essential, in-person classes are your best bet.
  • Bring a friend. Itís not easy to learn new things. Friends encourage each other and are always there to apply foot to bum when youíd rather wear lazy pants.
  • Be choosy. Itís great that youíre ready to enroll, but everything in moderation. Resist registering for a language course if youíre already committed to a weekly art class. Pour all of your extra energy into one new thing at a time, and youíll be able to study more in depth.  

Bring new knowledge home with you. Journal about your lessons to help process the information. Share your learning with friends and family, and continue the pursuit of knowledge wherever you go.

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