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School supplies kids want

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Superman back pack
A Superman back pack is always a popular item
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Here is a list of school supplies kids want to start the year right

Going back to school is never going to be something that the majority of children are very excited about. Summer break always seems to be too short and the return to a more structured environment is seldom celebrated by the young ones among us.

If there is anything that is remotely fun about having to get back in the classroom, it is getting brand new supplies for the upcoming year. Most people like to have brand new gear, even if it isn't going to be used for anything all that fun.

There is just something about being able to go into the classroom with shiny new things, even if those things don't stay all that shiny for long. There are a couple highly coveted supplies that stand out for most kids, and some items that are more specialized depending about the age of the kids and their grade.

There are school supplies that can actually add fun to the school day because the kids can actually show off what they have to their friends.

Backpacks and messenger bags

Depending on the age of the student you are sending to school, there are all kinds of cool backpacks and bags. Some of the most popular backpacks have Super Mario or characters from his world emblazened on the front. A bag or backpack that has the Superman logo is one that can never go wrong if you have a comic book fan in your house.

The backpack or bag is an item on the list of school supplies that kids actually want -- if you put some thought into what kind of bag you get.

If you are able to pick just the right kind of bag, you might even notice that you child is anxious to get out the door to show off what they have to their friends. Suddenly your child will be asking when it's time to leave and will be standing at the door screaming that you need to hurry up when that time has arrived. Most kids understand that they have to go to school and there really isn't much they can do about it.

Beyond pencils and erasers

While some people might just purchase pencils and erasers for their kids, other school supply-shoppers really go all out. They look for are erasers that resemble all kinds of things, and if you get the right ones, the kids will actually be able to play with the erasers when they aren't erasing with them. Pencils that have a child's favorite character on them are always more popular than those that are simply yellow and bland.

Make it fun

These same kids just want to make sure that their day isn't going to be as boring as humanly possible. Outfitting them with supplies that allow them to show off their personalities is a really good way to enliven their school day.

Some school supplies that are kid-tested and highly popular are:

  • Character lunch boxes
  • Fun-colored pens
  • Locker stickers
  • Spiral notebooks with colorful covers and fun images
  • Personalized phone case

Sometimes school supplies kids want are just those that allow them to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. They are something cool that none of the other kids have and that they can actually look forward to using. They just want to make something that can be a bit of a trudge somewhat fun.

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