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How do companies fill staff vacancies

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Interns, college grads, and staffing agencies can fill these vacant positions
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Perfect candidates for companies staff vacancies can be right under your nose

The economy is fickle, employees are looking to better their positions within a company, and wage increases are almost non-existant. So how do companies fill staff vacancies when they arise? In this global market, there are several ways to reach potential candidates and bring them in for an interview.

Before an organization begins the process of filling staff vacancies, a few parameters should be considered when assessing recruitment options

1. Determine the duration of the need - is the employee on a leave of absence or have they permanently left their position?
2. Determine the funding availability
3. Determine the availability of qualified candidates
4. Consider the possibility of job reorganization

Also are potential candidates already on the company payroll? Human resource professionals and management could start by developing employee training programs that really work. Team building skills, fast-paced game show style interactive presentations, and challenging problem solving activities are fun and economical communication tools for training and building leadership skills among your existing staff. Ask if employees are willing to transfer to a new location for an open vacancy.

If you have exhausted the possibility of finding the right candidate among your existing staff, here are some other options for filling staff vacancies.

  • Job or career fairs - Take advantage of job fairs initiated by your department of labor or Chamber of Commerce. You get the opportunity to meet with potential job candidates face to face before actually interviewing them. Career fairs are a great way to collect resumes and access skill levels on the spot! 
  • Online job posting sites such as or let employers list their job posting online so potential candidates can apply. Online posting sites like this make it easy to prescreen individuals for qualifications and relevant experience. These sites go beyond local searches for job candidates as they have the capability of reaching candidates nationally and even globally.
  • Temp or referral agencies are an excellent source for temporary employees especially if the company is filling a staff vacancy for a short-term leave of absence. A temporary agency is the best solution for employees out on disability, pregnancy leaves, and vacations.   
  • Newspaper ads - Local newspaper ads typically get great responses. Companies can place an inexpensive ad in the Help wanted section of their newspaper to reach potential job candidates.
  • Internships benefit the company and the intern as well. The intern gets hands-on real world experience while the company trains the intern to perform the duties required of the staffing vacancy. Companies also enjoy the added benefit of retaining the intern if they both agree the position is a good fit.
  • College graduates - Post job openings at the local college and university campuses to receive fresh out of school graduates to fill staffing vacancies. These graduates are eager for employment and companies get the added advantage of training the graduates their way.
  • Local employment office and Chamber of Commerce. Companies should always list job openings with the local employment agency and Chambers of Commerce. These organizations come into contact with hundreds of individuals daily and can refer the right candidates to the company.  

There is an abundance of qualified candidates that can fill staff vacancies. From an organization's own staffing pool to interns and temporary agencies, filling a vacancy can be rewarding and fulfilling for both the employee and the company.


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