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Ways to pose for pictures

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Relax, the camera is your friend
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Ways to pose for pictures so you look great everytime

If you're the type of person who clams up in front of digital cameras, it's time to learn a few tricks. Taking a good photo may not seem very important to you, but this simple skill comes in handy often. Learn ways to pose for pictures and both your personal and professional life will benefit.

The continual growth of social meda is opening up opportunities for professionals in all fields to build a personal brand. Whether you blog, tweet, pin or plan to build your own online business, knowing how to strike a confident pose can help you stand out from the crowd. The Internet is also a powerful networking tool for job hunters, and sites like LinkedIn recommend including a sincere profile image to make an impression on potential future employers.

Truth be told, must of us look better in candid shots because that's when our movement and expressions are natural. Occasions like weddings, holidays and anniversaries call for at least a few formal photographs. Whether you're by yourself, with your honey or a group of people, these tips will help you be yourself in front of the camera.

Do try these at home with a mirror!

Solo Shots - Upper Body

You don't need a professional photographer to get a good head shot-style photo. First, stand with the front foot pointing to the digital camera and back foot perpendicular. Turn your shoulders at about a 45 degree angle to the camera.

Stand straight and roll your shoulders back so your posture is straight. Keep your arms just a touch from your body and pull in your stomach while pushing your chest slightly out. Bring your head forward without sticking your chin out too far.

If it's for professional purposes, avoid huge goofy smiles and try to look natural. Dress as you would for a day of work and give the lens a simple it's-a-good-day smile. Look directly into the lens, not off to the side.

For many, natural smiles are easier said than done. One common trick is to look off to the side of the camera and turn to the lens just as the picture is taken. Photos show your warmest side when they catch you beginning to smile.

Solo Shots - Full Body

In addition to the above tips, use your arms and legs to show your best angles. For instance, resting a hand on the hips creates space between the body and limbs, which makes you appear thinner. Turn your body a full three-quarters from the camera, and put your weight on the back leg so you look and feel more relaxed.

Have the photographer stand a little higher than you if you're at all concerned about a double chin. Any pictures taken from below will make you appear heavier.

Ways to pose for pictures with a friend

Couple and best friend shots end up being in your favorite photo album, provided you're happy with how you look. While you may feel on top of the world, try not to over-smile or you may end of looking crazy. Instead do a half-smile and let you hands fall easy at your sides.

With a boyfriend or spouse, stand facing each other and sightly angled at the camera, forming a V with your bodies. Brush your hair away from your face and off of the shoulder. Take a deep breath, relax the camera-facing shoulder and snuggle up a bit.

While smushing faces together can feel cute and silly, it's not exactly flattering. Keep your eyes to the camera for most poses, and heads tilted to each other.

Ways to pose for pictures with family

Trust the photographer to compose the photo when you're in a large group. She'll make sure everyone is in the shot. All the same rules apply. Tilt your head up, angle the body and let your hand fall on your waist or naturally to the side with the shoulder pulled back. Elongate your back so your posture is straight, but not stiff.

Keep these tips in mind next time you're tempted slip away from the camera. No one looks good hiding behind a plant.

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