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What is a government internship

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Imagine getting an internship with the CIA
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What is a government internship? A great opportunity for students!

An internship is an opportunity to work in the area of your choice while still in college or even high school to get hands on experience. It’s a great way to learn about the career you have decided to pursue.

A government internship is a job with either the state or federal government. There are various federal government internships available which can be located online. Type in search words “government internships” and this will lead you to where you want to go.

Some of the internships available include the FCIP, or Federal Career Intern Program, which is a two-year appointment for students that are talented. There is STEP which is the Student Temporary Employment Program which is a short-term position or a summer position which pays. The SCEP or Student Career Experience Program uses interns in the U. S. Department of Defense.

If, for example, you think you would like to intern at the CIA or Central Intelligence Agency,  go to their site online. You can apply to be part of the CIA’s NCS or National Clandestine Services Internship Program which provides a few extremely talented undergraduates with the chance to work in support of the organization’s mission of obtaining human intelligence on critical international developments. The CIA pays interns a competitive salary and you will be given the opportunity to do important work and glean practical work experience. That certainly sounds exciting and challenging.

If your interest is in the environment, check out the internships that are available at the EPA  or Environmental Protection Agency.

Many influential people who work in the nation’s capitol began their careers interning on Capitol Hill. If you are selected for this type of internship, you will most likely work in the office of House or Senate members. The House and Senate leadership offices and congressional committees also offer internships.

This is an awesome opportunity for someone who wants to work in politics. Naturally, these internships are very much sought after so the applicant must have very good grades, involvement in community service and experience in student government as well as display leadership skills.

If you would like to intern in a state government position type into the search box, for example, Ohio government internship programs or whatever state is applicable.

Another option is to go to jobs and check out the available internship programs.

Why consider doing a government internship? You can make connections and expand your network of work associates and friends. You will develop new skills and interests.

You can determine for sure if a certain area of work suits you or not by interning. Some internships are paid. Others provide stipends to their interns so you can meet their basic living needs. Some internships also give you college credit which is a great perk.

Doing an internship helps an individual get “a leg up” when it comes to getting a full-time job after graduation.

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