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Why go to college?

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With a college degree, you will have access to a much broader spectrum of jobs and far more earning potential
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Consider these benefits.

Whether you are a high school senior or an individual who entered the workforce many years ago, you may be asking yourself, "why go to college?" Perhaps you are not sure if it's worth all of that time and effort.

Although a traditional, full-time college setting is demanding and does not suit everyone, you have more educational options than ever before. You can take classes part time or at night, pursue an online degree, enroll in a community college, or attend a technical school to learn a specific trade. Many reasons support going to college. Here are some benefits you should consider:

Learn Specific Content Knowledge

One of the oldest reasons for attending college is to gain specific knowledge which would otherwise be difficult to obtain. If you want to enter any of the traditional professions of law, medicine, engineering, publishing, politics or education, you will be required to earn a four year college degree. Some common prerequisites all underclassman are required to take include the following classes:

  • Life Science

  • College Writing

  • College Algebra

  • History of Western Civilization

Along the way, you will be required to take numerous electives - classes you select from a diverse list. You may enjoy this introduction to exciting new disciplines, such as anthropology, psychology, sociology and philosophy.

Many college students feel the world expanding as they are bombarded with new perspectives. These can help shape your personal philosophy and even your future.

Without exposure to new information in college classrooms, you may never realize your passion for unknown subject matter. Even if you are a self-taught individual, one who is an avid reader, college can offer you a forum to ask questions, express your thoughts and learn from others through structured discussions facilitated by a knowledgeable instructor. These types of challenges cannot be experienced in solitude.

Develop Important Skills

People often don't think of the secondary benefits of college. These are the skills that help you develop your character, personality and social adeptness. In a nutshell, these are the skills that will help define your identity. You may not pursue a profession in your major, where specific content knowledge is a prerequisite, but no matter which avenue you choose after college the following skills are sure to benefit you:

  • presentation skills: Some classes will require you to give formal speeches while others will facilitate ongoing, informal discussions.

  • time management: Deadlines will consistently be staring you in the face. You will learn how to structure your time so that everything you need to do gets accomplished.

  • organizational skills: You will learn how to organize your materials, your study methods, and your life! Without organizational skills, a college career would quickly crumble.

  • writing skills: This is a biggie. More than ever before, companies are looking for employees who can express themselves well on paper or computer.

  • developing an argument: You will learn how to conjure your own ideas and defend them.
  • adapting to others: You will need to meet the requirements and teaching styles of teachers as well as learn to work with your peers.

  • understanding group dynamics: This is a tricky skill that takes years of practice, as group dynamics are always changing. However, you can learn to develop the roles of leader and listener when working on group projects or participating in study sessions.

  • mental stamina and perseverance: In college, you will constantly be challenged to perform at your best. Much of your time will be consumed in reading, thinking, listening, and interacting with others.

  • self-confidence: As you learn more and practice articulating your thoughts and beliefs, your confidence will naturally grow. This will positively influence nearly every aspect of your life.

Indulge Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Enduring four years of college will help you develop the fortitude and independence necessary to build your own business. Although this is a dream for many, some people happen upon this goal after years of working as an employee. Even if you choose to work in a lucrative trade, such as air conditioning repair, you may eventually want to start your own company and be your own boss. Sure, you can do this without a college degree, but going to college fosters the personal growth necessary to enjoy a smooth transition.

Maximize Your Options

No one wants external limits placed on her potential. It is very frustrating to see an interesting job opening advertised only to see that you don't meet the minimum requirements. With a college degree, you will have access to a much broader spectrum of jobs. Additionally, you will likely make considerably more money, even when first being hired, than you would without a college degree. An added plus is that you will qualify for better raises and have more opportunity for advancement in your chosen field.

So when asking yourself, "why go to college?" remember there are lots of reasons. If nothing else about college excites you, this idea should.: Going to college will help you attain the lifestyle you want. It is up to you to make it happen.

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