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Why is public relations important?

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public relations
Jobs in the field of public relations may involve holding press conferences or speaking engagements.
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Interested in the Field of Public Relations? Here are Some Great Resources

An organization's or institution's reputation, profitability, and very existence depends largely on the degree to which the public supports its goals, practices and activities. The field of public relations involves the cultivation of positive relations between organizations, institutions, people, or products and the greater public.  

Why is public relations important? It enables corporations, businesses, non-profits to build favorable public images. Public relations specialists may also bear titles such as communications directors, marketing consultants, PR coordinators or media relations specialists.

Traditionally, public relations professionals worked directly with media sources to deliver press releases, pitch stories, and generally manage an organizations exposure within the realm of broadcast media. Today, however, public relations professionals may also work with the broader populations of  the public and targeted consumers, may oversee internal corporate communications or even help to build relationships with new and potential clients and retain and foster relationship with the current client base.

Schooling or training in marketing, advertising, communication, journalism, and public relations can all help to educate students as to why public relations is important, as well as prepare students for rewarding careers in the industry.

Why is public relations important during a poor economic climate? When the economy is up, and sales are strong, companies may not need be as needy of public relations initiatives. Ironically, when the economic climate is dim, when sales are down or public opinion is low, a strong public relations campaign can be key to turning the situation around.

This may explain why the field of public relations has continued to grow steadily in this current economic climate. Public relations campaigns have become increasingly important for entertainment, political, retail, educational, health care, medical, and financial industries, as well as for non profit and civic organizations.

Jobs or careers in the field of public relations may involve tasks and activities such as designing marketing materials, drafting speeches, writing press releases, addressing television reporters or other media officials, running events such as trade shows, political rallies, grand openings or product launches, holding press conferences, pitching stories to the media, promoting events online through the web and through social networking, and even managing crisis situations.

If you are interested in learning more about the field of public relations, or exploring potential careers and job opportunities, visit the websites listed below.

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